Webinar: Turn Your Customers Into a Channel for Brand Growth

The reality of today is that modern marketers are investing more in paid channels with less return. Paid digital media is becoming less effective, and influencers are becoming increasingly inauthentic and expensive. To alleviate this pressure, many are looking for organic, word-of-mouth growth—the holy grail of channels that comes with high levels of trust, reduces acquisition costs and allows for exponential scaling.

Hosted via Zoom, join Jaclyn Crocker, Lead Brand & Community Consultant at Duel, to discuss the science to word-of-mouth - and how you can plan for it, scale it and invest in it just like any other channel. Grab your free ticket below:

Thursday, August 13th, 10:30 - 11:30 BST

Wednesday, October 7th 16:30 - 17:30 BST


Webinar: Planning and Budgeting for Advocacy in 2021

Community and Advocacy have been the big trends in 2020 and will continue to grow into 2021 and beyond.  However, they are notoriously hard to plan for, budget for and measure the success of. Join Duel’s Lead Advocacy Consultant, Jaclyn Crocker, and Founder, Paul Archer, to understand how to put a dollar sign next to each activity within your advocacy and community strategies. 

Jac and Paul have collectively worked with over 100 brands in 2020 and they will share some of the trends and learnings on how to resource your team, what to measure and what ROI to expect when looking at implementing advocacy next year. 

Hosted via Zoom, join us for an hour session to hear top learnings and tips from the industry for approaching advocacy in 2021. 

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