Duel allows you to measure, manage and scale every micro-influencer that loves your brand, so you can grow revenue and prove their value to your CFO.


$53,065,369.05 in tracked revenue (and counting).

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Measurable Growth

Measure the true impact of micro-influencer ROI, compared to ads.

Prove the value of investing budget in your communities of micro-influencers. Stop relying on expensive and ineffective paid marketing channels.

Duel integrates with your eCommerce, CRM and social channels so you can have a single view of every person that's driving ROI.


Learn how Monica Vinader achieved 35x ROI through their micro-influencers:

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Authentic Growth

Build a trusted audience that (actually) converts on site.

Accelerate organic growth by engaging authentically with your micro-influencers. Create on-brand incentives that build meaningful, long-term relationships.

Duel is bespoke to every brand. The platform is the most customisable on the market, so you can dictate exactly what you want micro-influencers to do - and for what reward.


Learn how Mint Velvet generated 1,400+ of user-generated content (UGC) in 12 months:

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Scalable Growth

Swap 30 micro-influencers on a spreadsheet, for 30,000 on a platform.

Scale your communities of micro-influencers, content creators and industry experts. Turn them into your most powerful customer acquisition channel.

Duel's AI automates all the mundane tasks of working with micro-influencers, so you can work with 1000s at no additional overhead. More of them = more revenue.


Learn how Tropicfeel grew their program to more than 40,000 members today:

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"We’ve moved away from an expensive advertising-led strategy to one that uses our own loyal customer base to drive long term, organic growth.

Duel lets us scale in a way we never thought possible."

Gabriela Vinader, Managing Director at Monica Vinader

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How Duel helps you acquire customers:


Segment, and tap into, your goldmine of fans.

Identify the 1000s of micro-influencers that have bought from you already. Your CRM and social following is full of:

  • Micro-influencers
  • Social creators
  • Industry experts and pros
  • Retail and HQ employees

Duel allows brands to work with each of these communities, all of which acquire customers for your brand, and segments them into programs.


How much additional revenue you could be driving? Check out Duel's Micro-Influencer CalculatorTM below:

Duel's Micro-Influencer Calculator

Incentivize authentic promotion and content creation at scale.

Those programs engage with, and incentivize, each one of those communities by setting tasks, which are completed for points to unlock rewards.

  • Share referral and affiliate codes
  • Promote your brand on social
  • User-generated content (UGC)
  • Reviews and testimonials

Duel's customisable portal allows you to distribute tasks and incentives to program members, in order to increase activity that benefits you.



Leverage AI to automate tasks, creating a channel that works.

Growing these communities into a channel that acquires customers at scale requires automating out mundane tasks and complicated attribution:

  • Report on measurable reach and revenue
  • Automate gifting, perks and rewards
  • Seamless content management rights
  • Micro-influencer communication at scale

Duel's dashboard consolidates 10 different tools in 1 platform, so you can manage 1000s of members - saving time and money in the process.

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