Paul Archer has advised for hundreds of brands on how they can grow through the people who love them the most.  He is the founder of the Brand Advocacy platform Duel (used by Pandora, Abercrombie & Fitch, Victoria’s Secret, Charlotte Tilbury, Monica Vinader plus 60+ other brands to manage their communities). 


Verity Hurd, is an award-winning content strategist with over a decade in fashion retail.  Previously the founder of her own social media and content creation agency, consulting on hundreds of strategies and now Duel’s Head of Category and Content, she knows the secret to building Brand Advocacy through social communities.

Together they are on a mission to uncover the first principles and counter intuitiveness to show there’s a better way to build businesses, to build a better future.  

This is for brand builders, founders, CMOs and marketers at scaling brands who want to stay ahead of the rapidly changing environment of modern brand building. This includes principles of brand building in a hyperconnected world, maintaining authenticity and coordinating communities of advocates and fans to drive passion, awareness, community and Social Commerce.

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Episode 71

Create Word-of-Mouth Magic Like Never Fully Dressed: lucy Aylen's Founder Story

Pair ‘fun’ with ‘leading fashion’ and a handful of brands come to mind. Add ‘community-built’ to the mix, and there’s only one – Never Fully Dressed.

Join Verity for today’s exclusive episode, as she sits down with Lucy Aylen (Founder @ NFD). This is your chance to learn from an industry titan, levelling up your career savvy and brand strategy in the process.

From the brand’s first days in her parents attic to sell-out drops, packed events, and a ride-or-die community that spans the globe, Lucy walks us through the moments that transformed Never Fully Dressed’s trajectory.

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Episode 70

How Tomm Jewellery’s Unexpected Growth Strategies Pay Off: Lucy Toone’s Founder Story

People are the fuel that keeps brands going. Without them, you simply don’t have a brand. 

Join Verity in this episode of Building Brand Advocacy to hear from a Brand Builder who perfectly practices what Brand Advocacy marketing preaches. Lucy (Founder & CEO @ Tomm Jewellery) shares the importance of creating a community, the power of founder-led marketing, and the value of working with micro-influencers over the megas.

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Episode 69

How Victoria’s Secret, Abercrombie & Brooklinen Relinquish Control to Grow Through Creators

Giving up brand control to creators can be frightening. Now though, it’s one of the last near-assured ways to grow.

Time to face the fear, place your trust in authentic Advocates, and achieve maximum growth through the creators that love you; like Victoria’s Secret, Abercrombie & Fitch, and Brooklinen already do. 

Join Paul & Verity LIVE from the last of the Social Commerce Summit: New York sessions, where they’re joined in conversation by Victoria’s Secret,  Abercrombie & Fitch, and Brooklinen.

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Episode 68 

A Masterclass from Abercrombie & Fitch on Reinventing Retail

Abercrombie & Fitch are blazing trails in Brand Advocacy.

Having seen their shares grow 222% this year, compared to the fashion industry’s average of 12%, the brand is onto something. They’ve been busy leveraging the dynamism of Social Commerce and the authentic voices of their community to win. 

Join Paul & Verity LIVE from the Social Commerce Summit: New York, as they delve into Abercrombie’s remarkable transformation story with the team.

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Episode 67 

The Playbook for Merging Social & eCommerce Marketing to Increase Conversion ft. Doug Foulkes

As Social Commerce evolves, so do the roles and skill sets needed to drive it. 

Collaboration between social and eCommerce teams is crucial for crafting a seamless and connected customer journey; one rich with remarkable experiences.

In this episode, Paul is joined by Doug Foulkes (Social & Creator SME, Team Lead @ Bazaarvoice) LIVE from the stage of the Social Commerce Summit: New York. Together, they piece together a playbook for navigating this fast-approaching future.

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Episode 66 

The Social Commerce Tactics That Actually Work for Coty, Davines & The Biggest Brands in Beauty

Social Commerce has evolved. Once simple shopping destinations have transformed into entirely new channels for brands to reach their consumers; to purchase, to take part in meaningful experiences, and to be entertained. 

The entire practice of marketing has to grow with this landscape.

Tune into this conversation, LIVE from the Social Commerce Summit: New York, to hear Paul tackle the tried-and-tested approaches to mastering this marketing synergy with some of beauty’s best.

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Episode 65

Content & Commerce: Maesa x TikTok Shop's Success Blueprint for Fashion & Beauty Brands

As TikTok gears up for an uncertain, yet ambitious, few months ahead, one thing is clear – TikTok Shop has become a critical player in the Social Commerce landscape.

Join Verity LIVE from the Social Commerce Summit: New York 2024, as she talks to Bri Kennedy (Director of Integrated Marketing @ Maesa) and Broghan Smith (Fashion Key Accounts Lead @ TikTok Shop) on the topic.

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Episode 64

LVMH, ELEMIS & Maesa: How Beauty Superfans Supercharge Social Commerce

Every brand has superfans; better known as your best Brand Advocates. They come in all sizes of influence – macro, micro, and nano – and often in the shape of your everyday customers. 

Join Paul & Verity LIVE from the Social Commerce Summit: New York 2024, at this dynamic intersection of influencer marketing, commerce, and community. They’re joined by marketing experts, Haley Schluter (Head of Consumer Engagement @ LVMH Perfumes & Cosmetics), Hannah Sheahan (Head of Social Content @ ELEMIS), and Bri Kennedy (Director of Integrated Marketing @ Maesa).

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Episode 63

Algorithms in Action: Leveraging New Rules, Insights & Creator Strategies in the Social Media Game ft. Lia Haberman

Dive deep into the fast-evolving world of digital marketing with Lia Haberman, the USA’s leading expert in social media, the creator economy & influencer marketing. 

Join Paul & Verity LIVE from the Social Commerce Summit: New York, as their conversation with Lia uncovers the latest developments across platforms; including how to deal with the significant TikTok ban, evolving features on the likes of Instagram and YouTube, and the strategic implications these have for brands engaging in Social Commerce.

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Episode 62

Lessons from lululemon: Amplifying Community, Overcoming Advocacy Obstacles and The Tactics from Successful Brands ft Lisa Galt

76% of consumers wish their favorite brand had a community. 77% would use an online community to purchase products directly.

So why, in 2024, do some brands continue to ignore the community opportunity?

For today’s episode of Building Brand Advocacy, Verity is joined by Lisa Galt (Lead Brand Advocacy Strategist @ Duel, ex-GM @ LuluLemon). Legend in Brand Advocacy spaces, Lisa shares the expertise gained from nearly a decade shaping brand communities and advising global names on their Advocacy strategies.

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Episode 61

How to Unlock Advocacy: Cracking the Brand Growth Code ft Matt Lerner

Growth. The one thing every brand wants. The one thing most brands get wrong.

For this episode of the podcast, Paul sits down in conversation with Matt Lerner (Growth Specialist and Founder @ SYSTM) to uncover the secret sauce to massive brand growth. 

With a unique approach rooted in deep customer insights, fast iteration, and quantitative analysis, Matt shares tactical advice for driving true brand success through growth marketing.

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Episode 60

Advocacy 101: Abercrombie, Mint Velvet & DOAC's Cheat Codes to Community Strategy

What does it take to energize a thriving community of superfans, in today’s Social Commerce era?

In this ‘Advocacy 101’ episode, you’re invited to dive back into Building Brand Advocacy’s best advice on the world of community. A compilation of insightful conversations and tactical advice from past episodes, the experts share exact strategies that have worked for nourishing their world-renowned brand communities.


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Episode 59

Rooted in Advocacy: How SURI’s Superfans Revolutionize a Stale Market ft. Mark Rushmore

Every brand hopes to sell hundreds of thousands of products in their first 18 months of business. 

This brand has.

Say hello to SURI, a sustainable name disrupting the electric toothbrush market. Niche, but they come with a powerful marketing story that can’t be ignored.

In conversation with Paul, Mark shares strategic insights into the brand’s fast evolution and exactly what makes SURI special.

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Episode 58

The Influencer Marketing Playbook: Wild's Rise to Success ft. Fiona Macpherson

For this episode of Building Brand Advocacy, Paul & Verity are joined by Fiona Macpherson (Head of Influencer Marketing @ Wild). Together, they explore the ever-evolving influencer landscape.

With almost 500k followers across social platforms, Wild has emerged as one of the fastest-growing brands in the UK. Fiona shares how influencer marketing became the brand’s growth engine, driving customer acquisition across new markets and platforms; all while effectively telling the brand's story. 

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Episode 57

How Lucy & Yak Built an Army of Superfans: Lucy Greenwood's Story

Some brands are built to effortlessly attract communities. Lucy & Yak is one of them. 

Here, we uncover the secret sauce to cultivating an irresistible brand experience.

In this episode, Lucy Greenwood (Co-Founder and Creative Director @ Lucy & Yak) shares her journey building the iconic community-led brand.

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Episode 56

How Abercrombie & Fitch and LK Bennett Strategize, Engage & Monetize their Brand Communities ft. Claudia Nappo & Katie Adams

Industry leaders from Abercrombie & Fitch and LK Bennett join Paul & Verity for the last instalment of Building Brand Advocacy LIVE – straight from the stage of the Social Commerce Summit: London.

They uncover how their brands have cultivated superfans and monetized brand engagement, delving deep into the transformative power of community-driven storytelling and compelling brand narratives.

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How to Win on TikTok Shop: Increase Sales 500% like Mallow's Beauty ft. Laura Mallows & Broghan Smith

In a world where people crave entertainment in e-Commerce, TikTok stands out. As a content-first consumer destination, it is fast redefining Social Commerce as we know it. 

Join Paul & Verity LIVE from the Social Commerce Summit: London 2024, as they talk to Laura Mallows (Founder @ Mallows Beauty and TikTok Shop legend) and Broghan Smith (Fashion Lead @ TikTok Shop) on the topic. 

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REFY, ELEMIS & The Beauty Power Players: A Tactical Guide to Beauty Marketing in 2024

The beauty industry thrives at the cutting edge of Social Commerce and Brand Advocacy. It’s fast-moving, easily visual, and fully embraced by creators. 

Join Paul & Verity LIVE from the Social Commerce Summit: London 2024, at the dynamic intersection of beauty, commerce, and community. They’re joined by industry insiders, Charlotte Geoghan (Head of Brand Marketing @ REFY), Camilla Craven (Fractional CMO, ex-Charlotte Tilbury, and ex-FaceGym), and Hannah Sheanan (Head of Social @ ELEMIS).
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Episode 53

The Social Commerce Landscape: Matt Navarra’s Expert Insights on Trends, Platforms & Strategies in 2024

Join Paul & Verity LIVE, from the Social Commerce Summit: London 2024, as they dive deep into this ever-evolving world with Matt Navarra; renowned social media consultant and industry expert. Reflecting on the key moments from 2023, Matt delves into the rise of private communities as the new frontier for content, sharing, and engagement.
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Episode 52

Alo Yoga, Sephora & Stitch Fix: The Secret Formula for Brand Marketing

Recognized by Forbes, Business Insider, Vogue, and Glossy as one of the most influential figures in the industry, Angelic is ex-Global Head of Marketing @ Alo Yoga, ex-Global Head of Social & Influencer @ Stitch Fix, and the Founder and CMO of Ave Advisory.

In this episode, Angelic shares her expertise on fostering thriving communities, even amidst lockdowns; revealing the secrets behind her success in nurturing a community of over 20,000 devoted members. From innovative approaches to engagement to the pivotal role of AI in shaping brand marketing strategies, Angelic offers invaluable insights that transcend conventional wisdom.

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Episode 51

The Secret to Social Commerce Success: AI Advantages, Community & Creator Economy in 2024

Social Commerce is more than the biggest trend in Brand Advocacy marketing for 2024.

It is a dynamic force, reshaping the landscape of business as we know it.

For this episode of Building Brand Advocacy, Paul and Verity delve into the strategies they predict will be the most powerful drivers of Social Commerce in 2024.

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Episode 50

How To Win On Social In 2024 ft. Grace Andrews (The Diary Of A CEO), Sian Pilkington (Mint Velvet) & Verity Hurd 

It’s not enough to keep up with trends in social media & Advocacy. It’s time to lead the way.

Today on the podcast, our co-host Verity is joined by social experts & Advocacy Advocates, Grace Andrews and Sian Pilkington. As the Marketing Director for Steven Bartlett & the Diary Of A CEO podcast, Grace knows successful branding inside and out. Expert in building fashion-focused communities, Sian is Senior Marketing Manager for Mint Velvet.

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Episode 49

The APL Way: From NBA Ban to Global Sensation, Authentic Advocacy & Strategic Collaborations

When it comes to Athletic Propulsion Labs, there are two camps; the ‘what is APL?’-ers and the ‘I love APL’-ers. If you’re part of either one, there are unmissable lessons in Advocacy to be learnt from this luxury footwear brand’s journey.

Join us in welcoming NJ Falk, Managing Partner at APL, to the podcast. In an all-access conversation with Paul, she shares the inside track on their approach to cultivating a dedicated community – one that drives unparalleled Brand Advocacy, organically.

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Episode 48

How Beauty Brands win on Amazon: Lessons from Laneige, Proven Growth Tactics & Exploring Affiliate Ecosystems ft Renee Parker 

What’s the one thing every beauty brand should be doing on Amazon, that most don’t? 

For this empowering episode, Paul welcomes Renee Parker to the podcast – an expert in beauty on Amazon and Co-Founder of Invinci, an Amazon agency. 

In this detailed conversion, you’ll gain strategic insights, differentiation tactics, and essential steps to thrive in the Amazon landscape. 

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Episode 47

AllSaints: The Founder's Story, Styling Super Bowl Bands & Dressing Rock Icons ft. Stuart Trevor

In this episode of Building Brand Advocacy, Paul explores the trailblazing journey of Stuart Trevor, the visionary behind AllSaints. From humble beginnings to global influence, Stuart's artistic flair shaped iconic fashion brands like AllSaints, Bolongaro Trevor, and Stuart Trevor.

Discover how his rebellious designs sparked conversations, reshaping the industry's landscape. Join us for an inside look at his story of forging relationships, breaking boundaries, and creating enduring brand identities that defy conventions, all explored in this captivating episode.

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Episode 46

Recoding Brand DNA: Breaking Fashion’s Rules, Humanizing Aspiration & Rethinking Influencer Plays like ESPRIT

Legacy fashion brands have plenty of gravitas. They are the industry’s titans. But what becomes of them when nostalgia can’t sustain relevancy?

Ana Andjelic knows. In this episode, Paul sits down with the aspiration Guru & Chief Brand Officer at ESPRIT, for a how-to on successfully rewriting brand DNA. Discover Ana’s expert take on transmuting traditional fashion rules, authentically tapping into creator culture, and why the future of fashion marketing lies in sociology. 

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Episode 45

Driving Brand Love: Decoding 2024’s Social Media Trends, Sephora’s Success & Predictions for Powerful Advocacy Strategies

Verity Hurd, Brand Advocacy & Community Lead at Duel, introduces you to the topics that will define 2024 and shares tactical applications for recent social updates to boost your Brand Advocacy.

Discover TikTok's exclusive tips for fashion brands, an Instagram update set to propel User-Generated Content to new heights, and insights on reaching new audiences through community-driven approaches; drawing inspiration from Brand Advocacy powerhouse, Sephora.

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Episode 44

Unlocking the Secrets of e.l.f.’s ‘Beauty Squad’: The Power of Community Loyalty

In today's world of seemingly infinite options, the beauty industry is presented with a unique challenge. With a multitude of beauty brands vying for attention, it's a daunting task to distinguish yourself and cultivate strong customer loyalty.

Join us for this short yet impactful ‘Brand Goals Breakdown’, where Paul hands the reins over to Verity Hurd, Duel’s Brand and Community Lead. Verity dives into the four pillars that have propelled e.l.f. to the pinnacle of the beauty loyalty game – with nearly 4 million members, and counting. 

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Episode 43

David Mannheim

Founder @ Made With Intent and Personalization Guru 

It’s time Brand Builders stop buying into the hype cycle of personalization, and get back down to branding basics. Personalizing for your community is one thing, but a personification of their individualization is now key. 

Join us in welcoming David Mannheim, the guru of personalization and Founder of Made With Intent, to this episode of Building Brand Advocacy.

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Episode 42

Jennifer Roebuck

CMO Metaversal and Brand Building Consultant

As online traffic flows become untraditional, AI takes over, and the definition of ‘brand’ evolves, the quest for tech-led excellence has never been more crucial. Brands will stay brands, but how do they secure sustainable scaling on a rapidly changing digital frontier?

Right now, no brand stands out. Those set to win long-term will take the mediocre output AI produces, and make magic from it – adding a human-touch the fashion industry desperately needs to de-commoditize creative differentiation. 

No one is better equipped to share successful tactics to achieve this than today’s guest, Jennifer Roebuck – CMO at Metaversal, ex-CCO of Ted Baker, and ex-CMO of Sephora UK.

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Episode 41

Bronte Culleton 

Senior Growth and Strategy Management at TikTok

Every brand builder has a burning question… How do I ignite growth on TikTok in 2023? This episode unveils a treasure trove of insider insights, including the answers you’ve been waiting for.

Join us in welcoming Bronte Culleton, the expert in charge of Senior Growth & Strategy Management at TikTok, to Building Brand Advocacy. You’ll hear from host Paul, Verity (Duel’s Brand Advocacy Lead) and Bronte as they tackle your questions on organic growth, proven engagement strategies, and the inside track of TikTok and its algorithm.

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Episode 40

Amy Smith

Chief Strategy & Impact Officer at TOMS

The world of purpose-driven brands is a Brand Builder‘s playhouse – it’s where strategy meets informed impact, and controversy dances with conscience. 

Today, we’re diving deep into the playbook of mission-led branding with Amy Smith, Chief Strategy & Impact Officer at TOMS. If you’re ready to learn best practice for building better businesses and tackling highly-charged political topics as you do, buckle up. 
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Episode 39

Paul Archer

Founder & CEO at Duel

In this bitesize episode of Building Brand Advocacy, regular host Paul Archer is offering up insights into unlocking the invaluable community of influencers already in your brand network. How do you find the right influencers? Why bother activating them? Is the search worth it? Paul knows. So, he’s answering these questions and more on sourcing influencer-first Brand Advocates.
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Episode 38

Woozae Kim

Disruptive Brand Builder & Storyteller

Even the biggest brands can’t do what they do without some help from advocates and influencers. In fact, companies like Inkbox, MAC, and Calvin Klein rely on them. Your goal as a Brand Builder should be for customers to celebrate and champion your brand – telling everyone how much they love you, to the point where it’s annoying. Once you’ve done that, you’ve reached the pinnacle of impactful marketing and branding. 
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Episode 37

Lloyed Lobo

Co-Founder of Boast.ai

Brands like Peloton, Harley Davidson, Apple, and Nike all have one thing in common: their undivided focus on communities. Peloton and Nike are focused on making their customers the best they can possibly be, building their health and encouraging them to better themselves. Harley Davidson is focused on bringing people together, forming a kinship between each other. Apple is focused on building their community members’ aspirations. So, with this in mind, how do you want to build your brand community?
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Episode 36

Daisy Morris

Founder of The Selfhood

In this episode of Building Brand Advocacy, Paul is joined by Daisy Morris, Founder of The Selfhood. The queen of brands and community, Daisy drops a ton of invaluable insights as she shares a treasure trove of tactical nuggets. Discover the power of a strong creator or founder presence, delve into the distinction between an audience and a community and be enlightened by Daisy’s expertise and experience with notable brands like Ganni, Lazy Oaf, Glossier, Estrid and more.

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Episode 35

Paul Archer

Founder & CEO at Duel

In this episode of Building Brand Advocacy, regular host Paul Archer is going solo! Join him as he deconstructs the differences between affiliates, influencers, and creators and how brands can use them to drive revenue. He breaks down methodologies and tactics to create a machine that uses advocacy as a tool to drive customer acquisition. Paul further dives into a subject that often causes confusion amongst most brands: affiliates, affiliate technology, and affiliate marketing.

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Episode 34

Verity Hurd,

Brand Advocacy and Community Lead at Duel

On July 5th, Meta released Threads, the fastest app to hit 100 million downloads. But what do marketing teams need to know about this new social media platform? Verity Hurd, Brand Advocacy and Community Lead at Duel, is here to tell all. She covers what Threads is, how it connects to the Fediverse, its key features and planned updates, plus creative examples of how brands have already started to set the tone of the platform, rounding off with insider top tips and best practices.
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Episode 33

Richard Chapple,

Chief Growth Officer & Co-Founder of The Growth Foundation

Join us in this episode of Building Brand Advocacy, where Paul speaks with Richard Chapple, Chief Growth Officer and Co-Founder of The Growth Foundation, an organisation working with high-potential businesses to show them the right way to grow across all their foundations with spectacular results. Prior to this, he was the Chief Marketing Officer at GymShark (which needs no introduction), and he is currently the Non-Executive Director at Health & Her, a Board Advisor at vast: visibility, and a Patron at the Academy of Music & Performance.
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Episode 32

Tony Drockton,

Founder & Chief Cheerleader at Hammitt

In this episode of Building Brand Advocacy, Paul is joined by Tony Drockton, Founder and Chief Cheerleader of Hammitt, a luxury handbag brand based in Los Angeles, where his main responsibility is driving the brand upward and the company forward. Strangely, Tony started his career in construction, Founding companies such as Associated Roofers from 1992 - 1998, and then Branded Mortgage from 2006 - 2008!

With such a diverse and unique background, we can’t wait for you to hear this conversation!

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Episode 31

Madeline Sims,

Director of Marketing at Rally 

In this episode of Building Brand Advocacy, Paul is joined by Madeline Sims, the Marketing Director of Rally Pickleball, an entertainment company focused on reinventing recreation by bringing people together through pickleball, exceptional food and drink, and a competitive socialising experience. She’s also worked as the Global Brand Manager of The Sims, one of the best-selling video games by EA of all time!

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Paul Archer

Founder at Duel

In this episode of Building Brand Advocacy, Paul Archer, Founder and CEO of Duel, delves into the world of social commerce, explaining what it is, and the factors that you can implement to harness its power. He discusses the role advocates play in improving a brand's sales, and how you can win in the social commerce space.
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Episode 29

Karen Riley Grant

In this episode of Building Brand Advocacy, Paul is joined by Karen Riley-Grant, former Chief Marketing Officer at Levi Strauss & Co. to discuss why brands need to stick to their core values and connect with the community they’ve created, as well as why customer reviews and direct feedback are essential.
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Paul Naude,

CEO of Vissla

In this episode of Building Brand Advocacy, we’re joined by Paul Naude, CEO of Vissla. They delve into the importance of authenticity as a brand, as well as how to adapt to dramatic changes in marketing!
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Marni Shapiro,

Managing Partner of The Retail Tracker

In this episode of Building Brand Advocacy, Paul is joined by retail legend Marni Shapiro, Founding Partner of The Retail Tracker. Together, they delve into the importance of spending your money in physical stores, why businesses need to be more careful when putting their money into influencers, and why everything a retail store does is important.
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Jaclyn Crocker and Paul Archer

In this very special episode of Building Brand Advocacy, Paul Archer and Jaclyn Crocker of Duel answer YOUR questions! They go live on LinkedIn for a surprise AMA where they discuss the benefits of building a brand community and why big brands don’t necessarily always know best.
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Adam Knight,

Co-Founder at Kuai Commerce

In this episode of Building Brand Advocacy, Paul is joined by Adam Knight, Co-Founder of both Kaui Commerce and TONG. They discuss why China is so ahead of the curve when it comes to Social Commerce, and why businesses should put more effort into the Chinese market.
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Massimo Alpian,

Director of Global Brand Communications at Tracksmith

In this episode of Building Brand Advocacy, Paul is joined by Massimo Alpian, Director of Global Brand Communications at Tracksmith. They discuss the beauty of brand collaboration; the importance of knowing your identity as a brand; and why we need to be more diverse in our marketing.
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Georgie Carter,

CEO & Founder of Pepped

In this episode of Building Brand Advocacy, Paul is joined by Georgie Carter, Marketing Consultant and Founder of Pepped. They discuss some of the secrets behind SMS and email marketing, as well as why you should put your energy into making your content the best it can be.
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Episode 22

Richard Honibal,

EVP/Global Chief Merchandising & Markeing Officer at NEXCOM

In this episode of Building Brand Advocacy, Paul Archer is joined by Richard Honiball. They discuss their backgrounds in retail, brand design and trend, product development and sourcing, luxury retail, department store buying, and specialty retail. They also discuss effectively serving the audience while staying true to your brand identity.
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Camilla Craven, Dave Morrissey, and Paul Archer

E-commerce is always changing, making it crucial for businesses to harness the power of their staff and customers to provide genuine content that will propel social commerce in the year 2023. Social media sites like Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok have given companies a new way to connect with and learn about their customers.
In this episode of Building Brand Advocacy, Lisa is joined by a panel of experts, Camilla Craven, Brand, Marketing, Social Media & Communications Consultant, Advisor and Fractional CMO of Camilla Craven Consulting; Dave Morrissey, Vertical Manager, eComm & Retail at TikTok and Paul Archer, Founder and CEO at Duel.
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Ivonne Kisner,

Vice President of Marketing & Innovation

In this episode of Building Brand Advocacy, Paul Archer is joined by Ivonne Kisner. They talk about how she successfully built Avocados From Mexico from scratch into one of the top brands with ninety per cent of the market share firmly in their grasp. They also dive into the essence of brand advocacy, how to deploy passion in communication, managing “nano influencers,” and so much more.

Ivonne is the Vice President of Marketing and Innovation and Head of Marketing for Avocados From Mexico. She is a keynote speaker on disruptive creativity and innovation and a board member of the American Marketing Association (AMA) and the Association of National Advertisers (ANA).

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Michele Pod Asset-1
Episode 19

Michele Galetto,

VP at Kiton

In this episode of Building Brand Advocacy, Paul Archer is joined by Michele Gallato. They discuss building a luxury brand, the creation of unique brands that appeal to customers, and approaches to influencing customers' decisions on product purchases.

Michele Galetto is the Vice President of Kiton, where he also serves as part of the marketing team and as an executive board member of Kiton UK Ltd. 

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Episode 18

Tricia Mahoney,

CMO at Twisted x Global Brands

In this episode of Building Brand Advocacy, Paul Archer is joined by Tricia Mahoney. They talk about how to engage in brand development, the roles that models and photographers play in developing brand content, and the challenges and approaches of social media in this context.

Tricia Mahoney, CMO of Twisted X Global Brands, helps new businesses build their brands primarily using social media. She is currently Chief Marketing Officer for Twisted X Global Brands – home of Twisted X, Twisted X Work, Black Star Boots, Tamarindo Footwear, and CellSole. Her efforts include ongoing coverage in western and footwear publications as well as global awards for sustainability and leadership. She has published two books and is currently pitching her third book, a memoir titled Trust the Path, for literary representation.

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Episode 17

Paul Archer,

Co-Founder & CEO at Duel

In this mini episode of Building Brand Advocacy, host Paul Archer breaks down how businesses can establish the perfect brand market fit by building towards a community of 1000 true fans.

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Episode 16

Jim Davis,

CCO at Buck Mason

In this episode of Building Brand Advocacy, Paul Archer is joined by Jim Davis. They discuss how brands can leverage traditional marketing ideas like catalogue marketing to focus brand authenticity on improving the customer experience for DTC models.

Jim is a customer obsessed omnichannel leader with extensive experience in delivering customer-focused strategies at global brands. He is the current Chief Customer Officer at Buck Mason. Before joining Buck Mason, he was the VP of Marketing and Sales at Omaha Steaks and the Global Omnichannel Marketing VP at Deckers Brand.

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Episode 15

Stephan Lukac,

Marketing Director at INDOCHINO

In this episode of Building Brand Advocacy, Paul Archer is joined by Stephan Lukac. They discuss how brands can leverage marketing, personalization, and customer feedback to build customer advocacy.

Stephan is a paid media strategist and digital marketer, passionate about driving capabilities forward to uncover new opportunities. He is currently the Marketing Director at INDOCHINO–a retail apparel and fashion company founded on the belief that people don't need to spend a fortune on a custom wardrobe. Before INDOCHINO, he was the Senior Marketing Manager at Best Buy Canada–an omnichannel retailer of consumer electronics, computers, entertainment products, related accessories, and services in Canada.

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Episode 14

Barry Wolins,

CEO at Wolins Consulting

In this episode of Building Brand Advocacy, Paul Archer is joined by Barry Wolins. They discuss the creation of brands, factors that promote brand survival, and approaches and limitations around brand growth.

Barry Wolins is the CEO of Wolins Consulting. He consults for the surf and sports industries, specifically apparel range building, sourcing, and marketing. He is the executive advisor to South African Surfing Legends and an innovator and executive consultant to the High-Performance Surfing Academy in Durban, South Africa.

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Episode 13

Building Brand Buzz Pt. 3

Alex Cook & Ollie Smith

In this three part series on brand advocacy, our team of experts will guide you through what brand advocacy is, how it can add value to your brand's growth, and the return on investment that it can bring. In this part three of the series, join Alex and Ollie as they dig into the bottom line of what return on investment brand advocacy can bring to your brand and how you can calculate those figures.

Alex Cook - Head of Growth at Duel (Ex-Treatwell)

Ollie Smith - Head of Commercial at Duel (Ex-Contagious) 

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Episode 12

Jeremy Rusco,

Founder & CEO of Dynamic Discs

In this episode of Building Brand Advocacy, Paul Archer is joined by Jeremy Rusco. They discuss Jeremy’s brand-building strategy. Jeremy shares insights on how he has built the Dynamic Disc brand from scratch through a community of customers who have turned into die-hard fans and loyal followers of the brand.

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Episode 11

Brand Advocacy Buzz Pt. 2

Alex Cook & Jaclyn Crocker

In this part two of the series, join Alex and Jaclyn as they bring us through the value of brand advocacy by going over three key areas:

  • The challenges brands face today
  • How customer acquisition is changing
  • How to scale brand advocacy to tackle customer acquisition cost

Alex Cook - Head of Growth at Duel (Ex-Treatwell)

Jaclyn Crocker - General Manager at Duel (Ex-Lululemon)

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Episode 10

Zarina Standford,

CMO at Bazaarvoice

In this episode of Building Brand Advocacy, Paul Archer is joined by Zarina Stanford. They discuss the trends of brand building today and how brands can bring an engaging shopping experience to the digital sphere.

As CMO of Bazaarvoice, Zarina leads with a customer-centric, insights-driven, and outcome-based approach to all aspects she touches. Before joining Bazaarvoice, Zarina was CCMO of Rackspace Technology and held sales and marketing executive positions at public and private equity and venture capital portfolio firms, including IBM, SAP, Rackspace Technology, and Syniti. Zarina was recently named among the 2021 Outstanding 50 Asian Americans in Business by the Asian American Business Development Center (AABDC). 
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Episode 09

Brand Advocacy Buzz Pt.1

Lisa Galt & Jacklyn Crocker

In this three part series on brand advocacy, our team of experts will guide you through what brand advocacy is, how it can add value to your brand's growth, and the return on investment that it can bring. In this first episode of the series, Lisa & Jaclyn will be uncovering what brand advocacy is by sharing why its important, how the best brands have grown through the use of it, and how you can engineer brand advocacy within your brand.

Lisa Galt - Brand and Community Lead at Duel (Ex-Lululemon)

Jaclyn Crocker - General Manager at Duel (Ex-Lululemon)

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Episode 07

Brand Advocacy, Why Care?

Alex Cook & Jaclyn Crocker

If you are a brand builder, you probably have three marketing goals you want to achieve. You want to:

1) Grow your community
2) Reduce your customer acquisition cost
3) Increase your brand awareness

Brand Advocacy enables you to achieve all 3.

In this week's episode, Alex Cook and Jaclyn Crocker get into the weeds of Brand Advocacy. You'll leave knowing why advocacy is crucial to brand growth in the modern world and how to implement Brand Advocacy tactics into your marketing strategy.
Alex Cook - Head of Growth at Duel(Ex-Treatwell)
Jaclyn Crocker - General Manager at Duel (Ex-lululemon)
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Episode 06

Kate Nightingale,

Founder & Chief Behavioral Officer of Humanising Brands

In this episode of Building Brand Advocacy, Paul Archer is joined by Kate Nighingale. They sit down and discuss how brands can connect with potential and existing customers by tapping into the power of behavioural psychology.
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Episode 05

Saasha Celestial-One,

Co-Founder of OLIO

In this episode of Building Brand Advocacy, Paul Archer is joined by Saasha Celestial-One. They discuss the challenges involved in building an anti-waste brand and OLIO's intentionality in ensuring nothing goes to waste. They further delve into the fundamentals of what makes a true community and how important it is never to underestimate advocates.

Saasha Celestial-One is the daughter of Iowa hippy entrepreneurs who were raised with a deep appreciation for the planet and its scarce resources. She rebelled by moving to New York City and joining Morgan Stanley after graduating from the University of Chicago. After completing her MBA at Stanford Graduate School of Business, where she met her OLIO co-founder Tessa Cook, Saasha spent 9 years in various strategy and business development roles - first at McKinsey and most recently as Vice President of International Partnerships, American Express. Saasha was named one of the UK’s “coolest female founders” by Business Insider and has an MBA from Stanford. 
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Episode 04

The Cost of Advocacy

Emmanuel Kwakye & Ollie Smith

In this week's episode, Emmanuel sits down with Ollie Smith (Head of Commercial at Duel) to talk about the cost of advocacy.
We discuss:

  • The problem with relying solely on performance marketing
  • The shifts in consumer behaviour and how brands need to adapt to these changes
  • The ROI of Brand Advocacy and investing in your customers
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Episode 03

Daniel Price,

Co-Founder of My 1st Years

This week's episode features the magnetic Daniel Price, Co-founder of My 1st Years. Paul peers into the mind of Dan, uncovering the traits needed to be a successful founder and create a brand with the longevity that My 1st Years have earned.
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Episode 02

How to Scale a Successful Ambassador Program

Paul Archer & Emmanuel Kwakye

In this week's episode, Emmanuel (Content Manager at Duel) sits down with Paul (Co-Founder & CEO at Duel) to get into the weeds of Ambassador programs. Tune in to learn what Brand Ambassadors are, how to best source Brand Ambassadors, what Brand Ambassador programs are, and how to build a scalable Ambassador programs
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Episode 01

Camilla Craven

Global Brand & Marketing Director of FaceGym

We kick off Building Brand Advocacy with the phenomenal Camilla Craven.

The guru of growing beauty brands has worked with Charlotte Tilbury, Vashi and more. Currently the Global Brand & Marketing Director of FaceGym, Paul sits down with Camilla as she shares the gems that she has picked up building DTC brands in one of the most competitive industries today.
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