Our History

Duel was founded by world-record-breaking adventurer and former brand ambassador Paul Archer, alongside viral games developer Naio Tsarouchis.
They believed that purpose-led brands are changing the way we all live and set out to define how the greatest brands of tomorrow grow through Brand Advocacy. Duel, a BCorp, exists to show there’s a better way to build businesses; prove that caring for people builds brand, which builds long-term and exponential profit returns.
The Duel Brand Advocacy Platform allows mid-level to enterprise brands to do just that - scaling how they manage their relationships with thousands of advocates, affiliates, employees and brand ambassadors. Duel customers such as Charlotte Tilbury, Monica Vinader, NEOM Organics and ELEMIS (to name a few) are doing just that.

Duel's Leadership:

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Paul Archer


Paul’s a world record-breaking adventurer, brand ambassador and leading voice on the topic of Brand Advocacy. He’s advised hundreds of the biggest brands in the world on their word-of-mouth and advocacy strategy, using a background in viral gaming and psychology to show what it takes to build great brands in the long term.

Previously an ambassador for 30+ adventure brands, he’s driven around the world in a black cab as a part of the ‘It’s on the Meter’ expedition, becoming a best-selling author in the process. He speaks regularly at events and conferences including ModernCX, TedX, Cannes Lions, Grow, Social Media Week and Retail Tech. He also guest lectures at the British School of Fashion.

When not doing that, you’ll probably find him on a bike, a board or with a guitar in hand.

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Naio Tsarouchis


Naio‘s an award-winning designer and developer with prolific experience in entrepreneurship having founded design and technology education startups including Consider Magazine, Art In Progress and Treesix.

An expert in both complex computer science and user-centric design, he’s built Duel from a UGC platform into a fully-featured Brand Advocacy Platform. His previous experience in gaming has led to a deep, technical understanding of how gaming virology, authentic brands and customer behaviour intersect on a platform level.

When not working, you’ll probably find him rescuing art in Bristol, adding to his impressive rum collection and rocking his synth.

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Jaclyn Crocker


Jaclyn’s a leading expert on community-led brand building, having worked at Community Marketing leader lululemon as GM, Brand and Community in Canada and Australia. She has a decade of specialised experience in building brand communities across multiple countries and channels, which has led her to advise 300+ brands on their community strategies.

Jaclyn leads our expansion into new markets, where she ensures that every brand builder in our community there has an exceptional experience. That’s everything from custom building useful workshops for strategy leaders to ensuring brands programs and goals are well aligned with the Duel technology.

When not doing that, you’re likely to find Jac baking colourful cakes or doing high-intensity home workouts.

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Margaret Phelan


Margaret is our VP of Brand Experience and has more than 20+ years experience in the technology space, coordinating global teams and building advocacy within diverse organisations. Starting out her career in engineering Margaret has a passion for building teams that care about technology and how customers are engaging with it to achieve their outcomes.

She leads our Brand Success and community teams who are responsible for ensuring Duel delivers exceptional value for all of our Brand Partners and our Brand Building Community.

Margaret and her team represent ‘The voice of our customers’.

When not doing that, you will likely find Margaret in water swimming somewhere or forcing her family to practice the art of Marie Kondo folding.

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Ollie Smith


Ollie’s a commercial expert, with deep experience in working with leading global brands and agencies to ideate and execute innovative customer acquisition strategies across the tech, retail/eCommerce, creative and media industries.

At Duel, Ollie leads a team of Brand Advocacy Consultants who work closely with prospective and existing brand partners to scope, design and execute their brand advocate marketing programs. Ollie and his team meticulously analyse all metrics to ensure programs are engaging, profitable and scalable.

When not doing that, you’ll find Ollie cooking Asian food, watching his beloved Ipswich Town or adding to his vinyl collection.

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Mia Roe-Edema


With over 6 years in People Ops roles and as a Former Tech London 25 under 25, Mia has developed a rich background nurturing incredible teams across various industries, from hospitality to tech.

Her work is rooted in her passion for crafting environments for personal and professional growth. Mia thrives on cultivating workplaces where people flourish and embrace their talents and embrace their individuality.

Mia’s focus is on nurturing and understanding the link between employee satisfaction and success for both people and businesses. She leads Duel’s work in shaping a workplace where people not only work but also find purpose and joy at work and outside of it.

When she’s not working, you’ll find her whizzing around on her bike in the direction of food, friends or a boogie.

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Verity Hurd


Verity’s an award-winning content strategist who knows the secret to building Brand Advocacy through social communities. She has over a decade of combined experience in the learning & development and social media spaces, having formerly founded her own social agency and personally advised 100+ brands on their content strategies.

She provides strategic guidance to Duel’s network of world-class D2C eCommerce brands, while managing Duel’s own B2B community & content strategies. From creating, organizing, and facilitating community initiatives (both on and offline) to supporting on commercial strategy conversations, Verity and her team work as a well-oiled content machine.

When not doing that, you’re likely to find Verity trying new coeliac-friendly recipes, scrolling Instagram past her bedtime or at a high-stakes netball match for the teams she Captains.

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Ed Howell


Former Tech London 25 under 25, Ed has spent his career bridging brands and consumers with memorable experiences.

He led Strange Thoughts as MD, a product design and experience agency that specialised in using emerging tech to create joyous moments and never-before-seen brand experiences, such as building the worlds first mind-controlled, beer-pouring robot.

At Duel, Ed heads up Partnerships, steering strategic growth by fostering and overseeing commercial relationships. His responsibilities encompass a wide range of tasks aimed at nurturing these relationships with external entities to achieve mutual benefits.

When he’s not partnering, you’ll find Ed setting off fires in the kitchen (in a good way) and meticulously curating his Spotify playlists to suit any emotional state imaginable.

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