A brand on a mission

Why Elizabeth Scarlett joined forces with Duel 

Elizabeth Scarlett makes beautiful, luxury accessories that are both inspired by and working to protect iconic wildlife. Through their 2% to the wild pledge, the brand is on track to raise £2 million for conservation causes by 2030.

With this mission in mind, the brand came to Duel to build its advocacy program. Identifying as a creator-led brand, Elizabeth Scarlett sought to incentivize and reward the most socially active creators within their customer base, to advocate for them even more. 

This would enable them to build a revenue-driving acquisition channel, staying laser-focused on their pledge - all while creating an engaging experience for their most passionate fans. 

in the brand's own words

What Elizabeth Scarlett needed

"After seeing some real impact on brand awareness from incentivizing our customers' advocacy, we wanted to scale these efforts and ensure we could prove ROI

The next step was looking for a Brand Advocacy Platform that could help us unlock this channel's potential and drive customer acquisition - and that's where Duel stepped in. 

With Duel, we've been able to go from an ad-hoc approach to a structured advocacy program, tap into our customers' UGC and grow our community of brilliant brand fans."

Hannah Smith, Social & Influencer Manager at Elizabeth Scarlett

what we built

The Elizabeth Scarlett Insiders

The Elizabeth Scarlett Insiders was built after a thorough consultation process, where Duel dived into Elizabeth Scarlett’s core brand values and what their authentic community should look like.

Content creators with a minimum of 1000 followers and of course, a love for the brand’s embroidered treasures can apply to join, create content and earn exclusive rewards. 

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How the Elizabeth Scarlett Insiders program works  

Content creators apply to gain access to the program, where successful applicants enter into a tiered program.

relatioship icon
Members are invited to complete a range of tasks within each tier, designed to drive brand awareness. manage icon

By completing tasks and progressing through tiers, members unlock commission opportunities and discount codes to share with their followers.

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Rewards are combined with perks only available to Elizabeth Scarlet Insiders. approval icon
rewarding sculpted superfans

Perks exclusive to program members 

As a member of the Elizabeth Scarlett Insiders, advocates also benefit from exclusive VIP treatment. This includes:

  • Gifts to feature in social content 
  • The opportunity to be featured on Elizabeth Scarlett’s social media platforms, spotlighting their members and enabling them to build their personal brands as well. 
  • Exclusive access to new collections & invitations to events with the brand’s founder, Elizabeth. 
A unique experience

What program members see

When members log into the program they see:

  • Tasks tab: Opportunities for members to complete tasks and earn points. This includes creating content featuring Elizabeth Scarlett pieces on their own channels, and engaging with the brand’s social content too.
  • Rewards tab: As members unlock new tiers and rewards - these will appear here automatically in the form of product vouchers that can be used straight away on the brand's website.
  • Home & Referrals tab: All the tiers within the program, and what it takes to unlock them, as well as a tally of the points a member has already collected. They can also see how much commission they’ve earned so far.
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the key takeaway

This is just the beginning...

Elizabeth Scarlett is focused on activating fans and customers that truly love them - incentivizing them to tell the brand story authentically and create content that their customers’ own followers trust.

After all, 62% of consumers assert that they are more likely to click on content such as ads, websites or social posts featuring customer photos rather than brand content. 

In just one month of the Elizabeth Scarlett Insiders program launching, Duel’s AI-powered assets gallery has collected over 100 pieces of UGC - tracking moments and content that program members are sharing with their followers, and the brand can highlight on its own social channels as well. 

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