The Comfort Movement is going international

Why Lucy & Yak chose to work with Duel

Leaders of the Comfort Movement, Lucy and Yak is known for its joyful clothing, that inspires people to find comfort in their choices and themselves. 

Their mission is to promote a way of sourcing, producing and doing business that positively impacts both people and the planet. Using sustainable fabric choices, Lucy & Yak products are made using organic, natural, recycled or deadstock fabrics.

The brand came to Duel with this mission top of mind, seeking to build brand awareness and explore how an ambassador program could help them create on-brand content and expand into the US. 

in the brand's own words

What Lucy & Yak needed

“Lucy & Yak's customers are immensely creative, colourful and adventurous human beings - and love to support a sustainable brand while they look and feel good.

As we focus on growing globally and building our brand in the USA, we've sought to work with Duel to ramp up our brand awareness and generate authentic UGC that truly reflects The Comfort Movement, to further grow our community.”

Ellie Lane, Social Media Manager at Lucy & Yak

what we built

Yak Creators 

As a Yak Creator, members are invited to spread the word about what comfort means to them. For Lucy & Yak it’s important they see what makes their fans tick and how their products, values and community allow them to do just that.

Every completed challenge earns points which unlock awesome rewards all while giving back to the planet.

The program is open to creators who are 18 or over, have at least 1k followers on Instagram or TikTok, and have a genuine love for Lucy & Yak and their mission.

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How the Yak Creators program works  

Creators apply to be a Yak Creator, where successful applicants enter into a tiered program.

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Members are invited to complete a range of tasks within each tier, designed to drive brand awareness for Lucy & Yak.

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By completing tasks and progressing through tiers, members unlock commission opportunities and product vouchers as well as other rewards.

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Rewards are combined with perks only available to Yak Creators.

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rewarding Lucy & Yak superfans

Perks and rewards exclusive to Yak Creators

Besides commission opportunities and vouchers, being a Yak Creator also unlocks: 

  • Regular gifts and giveaways 
  • The opportunity to feature on Lucy & Yak’s social channels 
  • Paid modelling opportunities
  • Invites to exclusive events 
the key takeaway

Lucy & Yak are just getting started...

Lucy & Yak know they have a passionate fanbase, and now they’re stepping things up.

Fans already love them, with 29.1k Instagram posts with the #InMyYaks.

Building a program to incentivize them - one that they can manage, measure and scale into the thousands will enable them to build brand awareness, explore international expansion and of course continue to nurture their creative community.  

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