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9:30AM - 9:45AM

A look at what's ahead at the Social Commerce Summit: New York, as Paul, co-host of Building Brand Advocacy lays the land on the industry opportunity before us in fashion, beauty & retail.

9:50AM – 10:20AM

Lia Haberman, renowned Influencer Marketing & Creator Economy Expert, (ex LiveStong, Style Network & Fitbody) takes to the stage to share her hot takes on the dynamic landscape of Social Commerce. Lia has been featured in Marketing Brew, Business Insider, Ad Age and many more plus she writes a creator economy-influencer marketing newsletter for 20k+ subscribers. She will bring her wealth of knowledge in this industry, providing unmissable advice for successfully navigating the ever-evolving world of social media, and the creator economy, in 2024 and beyond. 

10:25AM – 10:35AM

In this keynote, Cory Weaver, Head of Brand PR & Influencer Marketing @ Abercrombie & Fitch, will explore some of the scientific underpinnings of creator-driven Advocacy and its profound impact on brand success. Join as Cory discusses what makes the creator economy tick at a cellular level, and why it's poised for exponential growth.

10:40AM - 11.00AM

Join Cory Weaver & Stacie Jackson, Senior Manager of Brand PR, Influencer & Affiliate Marketing, as we delve into Abercrombie & Fitch’s remarkable transformation story – leveraging the dynamism of Social Commerce and the authentic voices of their community to win. Learn about Abercrombie's strategic pivot to empower their customers and creators, giving them the reins to tell the brand’s story through their eyes and ultimately build Brand Advocacy.

11.05AM – 11.45AM

Join our panelists as they discuss the steps to successfully harnessing Social Commerce insights, to craft marketing initiatives that not only resonate, but also build lasting loyalty. Learn about the essential strategies to create a seamless, exceptional, and impactful customer journey – running across all channels, to foster deep connections and drive repeat engagement.

Sponsored by Ometria

11.50AM - 12.20PM

11.50AM - 12.20PM

Join Matt Tepper, CMO of John Hardy, and Ayla Anaya, President of PIMS, as they dig into the art of fostering brand loyalty through organic social engagement, navigating the different approaches to emerging social trends through the lenses of CPG and Luxury markets, and unraveling the tension between traditional marketing paradigms and the dynamic landscape of e-commerce.

Sponsored By PIMS

11.50AM - 12.20PM

An intimate roundtable discussion where Shay Bennaim, GM of North America @ Le Labo Fragrances, shares the importance of building local communities and fostering genuine relationships with clients.

11.50AM - 12.20PM

Join Pam Seidman and Shanna Goldstone, two pioneering female founders, as they share stories, well-won strategies, and insights into the world of brand building. Gain their unique perspectives on adapting to shifting Social Commerce practices, and the innovative methods they've used to intimately understand their communities and build fashion brands in a competitive market.

1.30PM - 1.55PM

Join Broghan Smith, Fashion Key Accounts Lead @ TikTok, for his keynote presentation on the power of TikTok Shop. Discover the vast opportunities available for brands looking to grow on one of the fastest-growing Social Commerce platforms, as you dive deep into its mechanics. Be enlightened on how brands can leverage this platform to reach new audiences, drive engagement, and boost sales. Through case studies and insider advice, this talk promises actionable takeaways to elevate your brand's presence on TikTok Shop.


Learn further advice for successfully selling on TikTok Shop, from an expert who has. Broghan is joined by Bri Kennedy, Director of Integrated Marketing @ Maesa, for a session set to scale your brand influence across the platform. With experience taking Hairitage and ITK Skincare from Walmart-exclusive influencer brands to TikTok Shop sell-outs, Bri’s insights are unmissable. Action Bri and Broghan’s advice, strategies, and experimental tactics to take the second half of 2024 by storm.

2.15PM - 2.45PM

Join Doug Foulkes, Enterprise Social & Creator SME @ Bazaarvoice, and moderator Paul Archer for an engaging live discussion on ways that eCommerce and social media teams can navigate the ever-changing Social Commerce landscape together. The shopper journey depends on the perfect content mix, and the integration of teams can reshape the customer journey to drive engagement, loyalty, and sales for your brand. Doug and Paul will also explore future trends in Social Commerce, and learn how brands can adapt their marketing and sales strategies to stay ahead of the curve.

Sponsored By Bazaarvoice

2.50PM - 3.10PM

3.15PM - 3.35PM

Exclusively hear how ELEMIS, LVMH, and Maesa have successfully transformed everyday customers into devoted superfans through strategic Social Commerce initiatives. This panel of speakers will explore the tactical application of core customer engagement strategies, how influencer relationships & affiliate marketing play pivotal roles, and the dynamic interplay between organic & paid influencer activities. Learn how these relationships can be optimized to foster a vibrant, engaged community that actively contributes to a brand's growth and presence in the marketplace.

3.40PM - 4.15PM

Learn from industry leaders at Victoria’s Secret, Abercrombie & Fitch, and Brooklinen to uncover how these forward-thinking brands develop engaging creator content that converts. Discover the key elements of innovative content, strategic distribution, and the significant role of influencer and creator content across various stages of the marketing funnel.

4.20PM - 4.25PM

Closing Notes
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Join us at Judge Roy Bean for post-Summit drinks @ 38 West 56th Street, [between 5th and 6th ave.], New York, NY 10019

6.30PM - 10.30PM

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