Hundreds, or even thousands of ambassadors in one program

Duel automates ambassador operations to slash management time.


“Duel connects and tracks all my ambassadors, across 28 countries, 22 languages and thousands of engagements. It reduced management time by 50% so I can focus on what really matters - growing our brand.”

-Ieva Sakalauskaite | Head of Brand Ambassador Program, Deeper


Fully branded ambassador web portal

Duel powers a portal on your website so ambassadors can collaborate and interact with the brand, track activities and receive rewards or payment

  • Exclusive ambassador rewards and perks 
  • Challenges, tasks and activities
  • Referrals and affiliates programs
  • Intuitive content upload system
  • Contract and legal management frameworks


Amplify and measure social reach

Drive regular social posting from ambassadors while tracking and moderating with ease

  • Automatically track performance of Instagram and Facebook posts 
  • Ensure every post is on brand with detailed guidelines and approval processes
  • Capture brand stories through customised challenges and tasks

Track and manage ambassador referrals, affiliate revenue and sales

Reward ambassadors with free product, store credit, gamified tier membership perks or cash

  • Fully automatic gifting, rewarding and payment to cut management time in half
  • Customised affiliate links, referral codes and revenue reports
  • Scalable payment system
  • Integrate seamlessly with eCommerce platforms including Shopify and Magento

Make the most of ambassador generated content

AI-powered ambassador content CMS and legal tracking

  • Collect and manage content through direct high resolution uploads or via social
  • Automated usage rights and permission management
  • Inspire purchases with shoppable ambassador galleries on your website
  • Increase eCommerce conversion with ambassador content galleries on product display pages

Effortless management

The Duel dashboard automates the time-consuming manual process of managing ambassadors so you can scale your program

  • Seamless management of ambassador contracts, content rights and data management
  • Capture ambassador feedback through surveys and opinions
  • Individualised performance and revenue tracking
  • Automated communication and gifting
  • Ecommerce, store and CRM Integrations


“Everything used to be so manual, I never previously thought I could scale my Ambassador program beyond 50 people until I used Duel. Now we only need a single team member to work with thousands of ambassadors and influencers”   

-Cynthia Patnode | Global Communications Director, Monica Vinader


Ambassador Programs supported by the Duel Platform


Sponsored amateur & pro athletes

Build a tiered program to nurture relationships with your athletes, from that highly respected local hero to the pro on the global stage

  • Manage access with sophisticated tiers, countries and groups
  • Drive sales, referrals and affiliate revenue on gear and more
  • Keep track of when your athletes win with your products
  • Get product feedback, reviews and catalogue content
  • Provide and reward them with early access to products and pro-discounts, managed automatically through your webstore

Nano & micro social influencers

Build a community of hundreds of influencers who are truly trusted by their authentic and tight networks to influence their buying decisions

  • Build long term and exclusive programs for those influencers with 1k-20k followers who love your brand
  • Automate management of contracts and content permissions  
  • Track and reward social posting
  • Reward with gamified points and tiers as well as affiliates payments and free product

Industry professionals

Build Pro-Programs that turn super-trusted industry professionals into a sales and marketing channel

  • Let the trusted experts and instructors in your industry drive sales and help with marketing or distribution for your products
  • Reward, educate and celebrate the influential professionals, instructors, educators and guides for promoting your brand to their customers 
  • Share revenue using affiliates and tracking codes
  • Get the highest value feedback from professionals

Staff and retail associate programs

Build staff and retail programs to manage personalised discounting and employee advocacy

  • Drive authentic advocacy from retail associates - often the largest influence on consumers’ purchasing decisions
  • Reward and celebrate staff and associates for learning about product offerings and promoting your brand to their customers 
  • Manage discounting at scale for staff, with different tiers and groups to grant different discount levels


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