The most powerful Brand Ambassador platform, created for industry-leading brands

The biggest brands today grow through their communities.

Scale building relationships with hundreds, thousands and tens of thousands of Brand Ambassadors, including:

  • Social creators
  • Micro-influencers
  • Experts
  • Industry professionals
  • Monica Vinader
  • Charlotte Tilbury
  • Charles & Keith
  • Mint Velvet Logo Update
  • Bleach London
  • Heights
  • Mud Jeans
  • Max Muscle
  • OOSC
  • Beauty Pie
  • Start Rite circle

‘Duel manages and measures all our Brand Ambassadors, across 28 countries, 22 languages and hundreds of thousands of engagements.

It reduced management time by 50% so we can focus on what really matters - growing our brand.’

Ieva Sakalauskaite, Head of eCommerce at Deeper

Engage authentically with your branded interactive portal

Build long term relationships with thousands of Ambassadors, track their actions and share rewards of any kind.

Set unique brand activities, challenges and tasks to drive brand love heart
Control what specific Ambassador rewards and perks you share reward icon
Create and own direct relationships with Ambassadors, rather than via third parties relatioship icon
Brand your portal to be a seamless part of your community offering community icon
Streamline the application process to maintain brand integrity streamline icon

Amplify and measure the impact of your combined social reach

Track and moderate content with ease. Integrate Duel with your biggest social platforms from TikTok to Instagram.

Measure performance of every social post and engagement  Measure Icon
Ensure posts are on-brand with guidelines and approvals approval icon
Capture brand stories through customized challenges and tasks story icon
Create campaigns to drive meaningful customer conversations conversation icon

Track, manage and grow referrals, affiliate revenue and sales

Reward Ambassadors through gamified tiers - whether that’s gifting product, store credit, cash or brand perks.

Integrate with your eCommerce platform, incl. Shopify and Magento ecommerce icon
Reduce management time with automated gifting and rewards Group 36995
Customize affiliate links, referral codes and revenue reports customize icon
Manage a scalable payment solution for every type of advocate  manage icon

Build authentic trust via user-generated content from Ambassadors

AI-powered UGC tool that encourages Ambassador content creation, product tagging and more.

Collect and manage a library of high-quality content from Ambassadors ambassador icon
Automate usage rights and permission management to streamline processes message icon
Allow product and SKU tagging via content uploads for your whole catalog Group 37006
Increase conversion with shoppable galleries for inspiration across your site Group 37005

Effortlessly manage thousands of Brand Ambassadors in one place

Duel’s software automates time-consuming manual tasks of managing Ambassadors, so you can save time and accelerate growth.

Seamless management of contracts, content rights and data management Group 37012
Capture Ambassador feedback and insights through reviews and surveys Group 37013
Monitor individual Ambassador performance and revenue contribution Group 37014
Automate communication and gifting to every member of your program Group 37015

Speak with a Brand Advocacy Consultant to scale your Brand Ambassador program

“Everything used to be so manual, We never previously thought we could scale our Ambassador program beyond 50 people until we used Duel.


Now we only need a single team member to work with thousands of ambassadors and true influencers.”  

Cynthia Patnode, Global Communications Director at Monica Vinader

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  • Referrals

    Bring customers close to the brand with total flexibility

  • Reach

    Effortless management and integrations for next-gen loyalty

  • UGC

    Engage and entertain with rewards based on customer behavior