We knew we had a loyal customer base who were passionate about the brand, we just needed help turning this passion into a customer acquisition strategy.

Duel did just that – the platform incentivises our most socially active customers to share their own content with their own followers, promoting the brand and our values in the process. It's also helped us to guide that content creation, meaning the community's output can be used across our social, CRM and omnichannel campaigns.

It really helps us stand out from our competition as we've created a community that people really want to be part of.

Hannah Sheahan, Head of Social at ELEMIS

What they needed


ELEMIS needed help turning its own customer base into a sales channel capable of driving customer acquisition. By encouraging customers to promote the brand to their own networks and create User Generated Content (UGC), ELEMIS knew this would fuel organic growth but it needed help recruiting, engaging and incentivising ELEMIS advocates to do so.

Specifically, ELEMIS needed to:

  • Increase customer acquisition
  • Increase the volume of UGC produced by its customers
  • Drive brand awareness by increasing social reach
What we built


Duel designed and built an advocacy program, Skinsiders, to engage ELEMIS’ most socially active customers and incentivise them to create and share content on behalf of the brand with their own followers.

The exclusive, application-based program built into the ELEMIS website, includes:

  • An authentic space where ELEMIS’ customers can create and share their own content about their experiences of the brand
  • Exclusive offers, content, products and event invites in exchange for content creation and social sharing

Visit the Elemis Insider Program

How their Ambassador program works, powered by Duel

Content creators and community fans apply to be a part of the Skinsiders program, where successful applicants gain access to the program portal Tier Asset 1-2
A tiered gamified system incentivizes advocates with rewards and perks as they level up (with always-on commission opportunities, personal codes and multiple product vouchers) Tier Asset 3-2

The program allows ELEMIS to nurture a direct relationship with its audience

Tier Asset 2-2

Challenges are set up to encourage members to share their love on social and create authentic content

Tier Asset 4-2
What we've achieved, so far

The results

Within the first full 6 months, the Skinsiders program has generated:

  • 15x ROI
  • £151k in revenue
  • Social reach of 10.4m
  • 647 pieces of UGC

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