"Duel has been a game changer. 


It's reduced our reliance on advertising and influencer strategies that were expensive and ineffective.


This has turned our own customers into an army of content creators - capable of driving customer acquisition and organic growth."


Sîan Louise-Pilkington, Social Media Manager, Mint Velvet

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Mint Velvet's Objectives

Fashion retailer and founder of #RelaxedGlamour, Mint Velvet, operates in an increasingly competitive D2C space. The company was looking for ways to grow through its own customer fan base, rather than relying on expensive advertising and traditional influencer strategies to fuel growth.

Mint Velvet needed help turning its own customer base into a sales channel capable of scaling reach. They knew that encouraging customers to promote the brand to their own networks would allow for an increase in growth and a decrease in cost.

Knowing that customers were looking for authentic content, Mint Velvet needed a way to incentivize their customers to create and share User Generated Content (UGC) on behalf of the brand, as well as affiliate links with their own networks. 

Specifically, Mint Velvet needed to: Reduce spend on advertising and traditional influencer strategies, reduce spend on content creation and drive cost efficiencies, and increase production of UGC and affiliate link sharing. 

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The #MVCollective

Duel designed and built an Ambassador program, the #MVCollective, to engage Mint Velvet’s most socially active and influential customers and incentivize them to create and share content on behalf of the brand with their own followers.

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What the #MVCollective includes:

A tiered, gamified program to incentivize brand ambassadors with rewards and perks as they level up (incl. product rewards, commission and more)
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Social tracking on content produced within the program through an API linked to their ambassadors' social platforms (such as Instagram & TikTok)
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A UGC gallery built into the Mint Velvet website, updated monthly with new content submitted through the #MVCollective
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Gifting facilitated by integrating with Mint Velvet's eCommerce platform (Shopify), to automate the process of sending products to ambassadors
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The Results

We have designed and built an Ambassador program that has far exceeded Mint Velvet’s expectations. From January 2023 to December 2023, the #MVCollective program has achieved:

  • 9x ROI 
  • 1,892 pieces of authentic UGC by ambassadors
  • £112k in revenue from affiliates/referrals 
  • £22k on average saved in paid production costs annually
  • A social reach of 7m+
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