"We had really engaged advocates, but they were mixed across different groups and with no real way of managing them. 


Duel was the perfect platform to manage, engage with and reward them."


Hannah Pycroft, Co-Founder, Spectrum Collections

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Spectrum's Objective

This global beauty brand, with a focus on vegan and cruelty-free products, had a clear focus:

Customer Acquisition, through referrals.

With an increasingly competitive market online, and with acquisition costs continuing to skyrocket, Spectrum were searching for an effective and sustainable way of generating more revenue.

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The Spectrum Beauty Suite

The Spectrum Beauty Suite came to life following a thorough consultation process, where Duel dug into Spectrum’s brand values and what their authentic community should look like.

This is where Spectrum’s most vocal brand fans share their love for the brand, and celebrate beauty in all its forms.

This application-based Social Affiliate program was targeted at socially active fans with a following of 1k+ as a minimum. As their advocacy was more trustworthy than traditional influencers, this would lead to higher engagement.

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How their Social Affiliate program works, powered by Duel

Brand fans apply to gain access to the Spectrum Beauty Suite, where successful applicants enter into a tiered program.
Group 37017
Program members are invited to complete a range of tasks within each tier, designed to drive brand awareness for Spectrum.
Group 36996
By completing tasks and progressing through tiers, members unlock commission on sales and discounts, as well as other rewards.
Group 36967-2
Rewards are combined with perks, such as shoutouts on brand socials, entry into competitions and exclusive event invites.
Group 36973
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The Results

Through their Social Affiliate program, Spectrum has created a whole new, cost effective channel for scaling revenue:

  • £97.4k referral revenue generated through member activity
  • 4x ROAS from affiliate/referral revenue alone through the program
  • 3.7m people reached on social (through member-led content creation)

All results achieved Oct 2022 - Sep 2023. 

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