Accelerate organic growth by tapping into your existing community of loyal customers

There's no better advocate than those that love you.

And true customer loyalty is about participation, contribution, belonging and advocacy.

Duel's Customer Loyalty software allows brands to incentivize engagement and repeat purchases - through a VIP rewards program or club.

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We believe a strong community builds a deeper emotional connection between brand and Customer.

We know this sense of community results in an increase in organic word-of-mouth growth meaning higher customer retention and acquisition rates.

We asked Duel to help us drive this community-led strategy, empowering our existing, passionate customer base to drive word of mouth growth for us.

Kunal Dumani, Chief Operating Officer, Monica Vinader


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Fully branded web portal for your customers

Each program is an interactive extension of your website, for members to collaborate and interact with your brand as well as receive rewards.

Complete brand challenges, tasks and activities that align with your values Group 37016
Create and upload user-generated content (UGC) to show their love Group 37017
Make purchases in exchange for loyalty points, all tracked Group 36958
Refer their family and friends, with the option of referral codes for discounts Group 36959
Complete surveys, polls and reviews to share greater customer insight Group 36974
Level up through tiers and receive further rewards and perks Group 37020

Bring customers close to the brand with total flexibility

Set bespoke member challenges and tasks for everything that truly matches your brand values. Authentic interaction for long term loyalty.

Share thousands of different challenges and tasks depending on your strategy Group 36993
Segment customer groups to drive advocacy actions unique to each Group 37021
Provide comprehensive guidance and requirements to maintain brand integrity Group 36971
Rely on built-in contracting, permission and legal frameworks for ease of use Group 36994
Connect plugins that allow your brand to integrate other activities and tools Group 37015-1

Engage and entertain with rewards based on customer behavior

Every program can have a reward mechanism completely tailored to your unique customers and their needs. Gain freedom with true flexibility.

Membership club or ‘airline style’ tier systems that unlock rewards and perks Group 36973
Automatic distribution of rewards to minimize management overhead Group 36960
Segment customer communities by passion points and specific behaviors Group 37018
Exclusive deals for specific members, to manage discounting and inventory Group 37012-1

Bring customers closer with user-generated content

Scale the power of loyalty programs by encouraging authentic UGC uploads. Share how other members in the community are engaging with your brand.

Collect and manage a library of high-quality content from customers Group 37022
Automate usage rights and permission management to streamline processes Group 36961
Allow product and SKU tagging via content uploads for your whole catalog Group 37019
Increase conversion with shoppable galleries for inspiration across your site  Group 36996

Effortless management and endless integrations for next-gen loyalty

Each program is designed with Duel’s team of Brand Advocacy Consultants, specific to your tech requirements and powered by our software.

Integrate across all touchpoints, including your eCommerce, CRM and more Group 36995-1
Use bespoke API options and our extensive platform integration list Group 37007
Simple technical onboarding to deliver a full program in under 4 weeks Group 37014-1
World-class support from our team to ensure community management success Group 37013-1

Chat to a Brand Advocacy Consultant today to launch your Customer Loyalty program

‘Retail brands looking to maintain and improve engagement with customers should leverage Duel to create a direct-to-consumer channel.’

Kelsie Marian, Principal Analyst: Retail, CRM and Customer Experience at Gartner

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