If your customers are passionate about your brand, a Customer Advocacy Program is the best way to grow organically and authentically

Duel powers Customer Advocacy Programs for brands. Each one is a bespoke multi-dimensional rewards program that harnesses an advocate’s brand passion and rewards them for supporting, recommending, creating content and buying more. 


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Fully branded customer web portal

Each Advocacy Program is powered by a portal on your website for members to collaborate and interact with the brand and receive rewards. In the portal they can:

  • Complete challenges, tasks and activities
  • Drive and track loyalty and purchases
  • Refer friends and track sales
  • Create and upload content
  • Complete surveys, forms, polls and market research questionnaires
  • Level up through tiers and receive perks, vouchers, promos and rewards

Drive behaviour with challenges

The portal allows you to set members challenges and tasks for anything imaginable

  • Over 100 different challenge variables
  • Control which advocates complete which activities and provide comprehensive guidance and requirements 
  • Built in contracting, permission and legal frameworks
  • Plugins allows your brand to integrate other activities and tools


Membership & behavioural rewards system

Each program can have a reward mechanism bespoke to your unique customers and their needs

  • Membership club or ‘airline style’ tier systems allow rewards and perks to be distributed automatically
  • Segment customers by passion points and specific behaviours
  • Exclusive sales for different groups or tiers of members, allowing for controlled discounting and inventory management



Effortless management and integration combined with world-class strategy & support

Each Customer Program is custom designed by Duel’s team of Advocacy Specialists to your brands unique requirements and built on the Duel Platform

  • Integrate across eCommerce, in-store, CRM, CMS and more
  • Bespoke API options and extensive mid-market and enterprise platform integration list
  • Duel’s ‘Pilot’ integration option means you can integrate in a day, and have a program live in weeks
  • Managed service, community management and moderation services available 

Advocacy across the customer journey

The Duel Platform ties together every kind of customer advocacy activity into a cohesive and flexible system.


Acquire Customers


Convert Customers


Understand Customers


Retain Customers


Acquire customers: Referrals

Drive word-of-mouth at scale with referrals

  • Personalised referral codes for each customer
  • Integrated tracking system to track revenue and conversion rates
  • Advanced fraud detection
  • Deliver promos and vouchers directly through the Advocacy Program

Acquire customers: Social posting

Turn your customers into a brand building machine on social by rewarding them for posting to their favourite network

  • Instagram and Facebook integrations track and reward all posts
  • Automatically get content rights and permissions
  • Push videos to YouTube and Vimeo
  • Support for all popular social networks

Convert customers: User generated content

Duel’s UGC functionality drives the creation of tens of thousands of images and automatically moderates, ranks and tags them 

  • Generate ten times as much content as conventional ‘social scraping’ UGC tools
  • Spotlight customer stories across all your channels, with rights and permissions automatically granted
  • Power product galleries across hundreds of product pages to drive up eCommerce conversion
  • Patented UGC engine with gallery integrations for eCommerce
  • AI-driven content moderation and ranking system

Understand customers: Data, insights and feedback engine

Duel has full market research and survey functionality baked in

  • Capture feedback and customer stories to drive insights
  • Request fine-tuned information from customers to solve specific problems
  • Detailed insights with hundreds of data points, CSV downloads and API integration
  • Generate reviews on popular platforms including Trustpilot and Google Reviews 

Retain customers: Modernised loyalty system

Retain your customers to buy again and again with sophisticated offers, rewards and exclusivity

  • Automatic points and prizes for every dollar spent 
  • Reward behaviour both digital and in-store
  • Sophisticated offers, discounting and promo management to drive customers to buy again
  • Use tiers, membership, exclusivity,  early access and experiential rewards to drive purchases
  • Increase margin with smart discounting and reduce reliance on seasonal sales 


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