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‘We had really engaged advocates, but they were mixed across different groups. We had socially active fans, industry professionals and customers - with no real way of managing their advocacy.

Duel was the perfect platform to manage, engage with and reward them.’

Hannah Pycroft, Co-Founder at Spectrum Collections

Manage all brand advocates and their actions on one platform

Build programs to nurture relationships with your brand’s most passionate communities.

See one single view for your brand, to track all advocates and their activities relatioship icon
Measure which communities are driving the greatest engagement and revenue Group 37012-1
Remove the need and cost of countless individual tools and plugins reward icon
Reduce management time to increase size and scale of advocacy programs Group 36993

Drive authentic brand love through a branded, interactive portal

Duel powers a bespoke portal on your eCommerce site for advocates to seamlessly interact and engage with your brand.

Drive any behavior that drives brand love, from content creation to referrals Group 37017
Create personalized one-to-one experiences for thousands at scale Group 37014
Distribute exclusive offers and incentives directly to your biggest fans  Group 36996
Create a bespoke, points-based system with rewards and perks Group 36973

A customisable, powerful platform for your brand

The all-in-one Brand Advocacy Platform that gives you control to manage, measure and reward your communities of passionate advocates at scale.

Manage multiple groups of advocates across multiple countries and languages

Group 36960
Measure the exact impact advocacy has on your reach and revenue Group 36974
Leverage Duel’s AI-powered CMS tool to increase quality user-generated content ambassador icon
Scale interactions from single advocates to thousands, with little overhead Group 37013-1

Drive repeat engagement through gamified-tiers of rewards

Increase long-term loyalty and organic brand advocacy through an engaging, behavioral rewards system for each program.

Use Duel’s tier-based reward system designed by behavioral psychologists Group 37015-1
Customize challenges and tasks for engagement that fits your brand goals Group 37020
Distribute gifts and perks to thousands, integrated directly within your eCommerce Group 36995-1
Replace outdated loyalty discount systems with proven advocacy programs streamline icon

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Looking to accelerate reach and revenue through ambassadors?

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    Track, manage and grow referrals, affiliate revenue and sales

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    Amplify and measure the impact of your combined social reach.

  • UGC

    Build authentic trust via user-generated content.