Anything an advocate does for your brand should be tracked and rewarded

The Duel Platform lets brands build Advocacy Programs to nurture relationships with their top advocates. Whether the advocate is a customer, ambassador or professional, they should be rewarded for their support. Duel powers management and tracking of Brand Advocacy to create engaging, valuable brand communities.

Brand Advocacy Management

Manage all brand advocacy actions on one platform

Build programs to nurture relationships with your brand’s advocates

  • One single view of each advocate and all of their activities
  • Supports Advocacy Programs for customers, ambassadors, pros and staff
  • Remove the need and cost of countless apps and eCommerce plugins
  • Substantially reduce management time
Duel Advocacy Branded Platform

Branded advocate portals for each advocacy program

Duel powers a brand portal on your website so you can interact and collaborate with your advocates

  • Drive behaviours, purchases, referrals, content, opinions and more 
  • Personalised 1:1 experiences for thousands of advocates
  • Push exclusive offers, opportunities and content to your brand's biggest fans through a direct channel.
  • Create a bespoke ‘airline style’ or points-based rewards system with club membership perks, or one-off rewards

Scale advocate management

Duel’s powerful Advocate database and CMS does the heavy lifting that powers the Advocate Portal

  • Optimised workflows, AI-based support, automation and 'Crowd Curate' enable a single person to manage thousands of members
  • AI-powered management dashboard
  • Advocate Relationship Management (ARM) Database
  • Full user-generated content CMS as standard
  • Content curation assisted by Duel's patented crowd-based curation algorithm

Points & tiers based rewards systems

Drive long-term loyalty and organic brand advocacy through an engaging, behavioural rewards system for each program

  • Complex reward and engagement system designed by behavioural psychologists
  • Customisable challenges encourage member engagement in ways that fit the goals of the brand 
  • Engage thousands of customers with promotion and perk distribution integrated directly within your eCommerce platform
  • Replace outdated loyalty discount systems with multidimensional, multi-tiered advocacy programs

Advocacy is a brand wide strategy


Build bespoke communities

Build any advocate community, including VIP programs, fan clubs, ambassador programs and more

  • Encourage continuous, two-way communication between engaged advocates and your brand
  • Dedicated VIP and ambassador profile pages
  • Multi-program support enables brands to run separate programs for all your advocates

All your engagement in one place

Boost your engagement by combining all of your strategies onto one cohesive platform

  • Holistic dashboard for tracking ROI and engagement
  • Built-in referral, loyalty, social post tracking and UGC galleries
  • Enables tracking of multiple programs from one centralised dashboard

Create a beautiful, branded customer experience

Customise the platform to match the exact guidelines of your brand.

  • Complete control over theming and graphics
  • Fully branded weekly digest & other system-generated emails
  • Program hosted under a custom subdomain on a brand's site



Integrate with any eCommerce platform

Use customer and ambassador generated content on your eCommerce pages

  • Quick, simple integration with any eCommerce platform
  • Collect and display UGC on every product display page
  • Full GDPR compliance for all integrations
  • Online loyalty, referral & affiliate and in-store POS integrations available


Your advocates are your brand’s storytellers.

How are you nurturing and tracking those relationships now?


Customer Advocates

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Brand Ambassadors

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