It’s time Brand Builders stop buying into the hype cycle of personalization, and get back down to branding basics. Personalizing for your community is one thing, but a personification of their individualization is now key. 

Join us in welcoming David Mannheim, the guru of personalization and Founder of Made With Intent, to this episode of Building Brand Advocacy. In a far-reaching conversation, Paul and David discuss why retention doesn’t equate to loyalty, how brands can prioritize care over competency (for the sake of their community), and the art of building for long-term goals at the expense of short-term gains. 

From breakdowns of marketing initiatives at Amazon, Disney, Netflix, Gousto, and Bloom & Wild, you’ll learn what to do (and what not to do) to win in today’s brand landscape.

On a technical level, personalization comes down to two things; segmentation and recommendations. David knows it’s much more than that, though. From his Six Pillars of Personalization – acknowledgement, familiarity, intimacy, authenticity, care & listening – there’s plenty to be learnt.

Master these, and you’ll be on your way to Building Brand Advocacy.

Building Brand Advocacy 042: Amazon, Netflix & Bloom & Wild: The Six Pillars of Personalization ft. David Mannheim