OLIO’s innovation is to reduce food waste by giving this out to others in need whilst the food is still in good condition. However, locating the folks in need can be a challenge. By powering community engagement through advocacy, OLIO has created a system where neighbours can now easily connect and share food or other household items with those who need them, and have reached massive product awareness as a result.

In this episode of Building Brand Advocacy, Paul is joined by Saasha Celestial-One, Co-founder and COO of OLIO.

They cover:
  • OLIO’s population coverage
  • Attaining product market fit
  • The opportunities for brand ambassadors
  • Brand ambassador compensation strategies
  • OLIO’s evolution from local to global
  • OLIO’s massive growth: challenges and approaches
  • Managing OLIO’s customer base at scale
  • Advice for brand builders
If you’re interested in investigating innovative approaches to curbing food waste and attaining exponential brand growth, tune in to this episode of Building Brand Advocacy.

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