Beyond physical storefronts and mobile apps, commerce has expanded to include all places where consumers gather. Customers can now quickly consult their friends about products, parade their latest purchases, remark on and review other savvy shoppers' comments, and actually interact with the brands they love. This opens up a brand-new window of possibility for brands.

In this episode of Building Brand Advocacy, Paul is joined by Zarina Stanford, Chief Marketing Officer of Bazaarvoice.

They cover:

  • Why the name “Bazaarvoice”
  • Current trends around brands advocacy
  • How can brands bring more consumer experience to the digital sphere
  • User-generated content (UGC) vs. Branded content
  • Drawbacks of some branding practices
  • The future of brand advocacy
  • Recommendations on allocating branding budget
  • Practical advice for leveraging Gen-Z and Gen-Alpha potential for content amplification
If you’re interested in how brands can create the best possible experience that keeps their consumers engaged, tune in to this episode of Building Brand Advocacy.

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