Building a brand from scratch is only as successful as your focus on crafting a unique user experience. It's okay to be passionate about building a business centred on something you like. But what's equally important is how you treat your end-users. When you make your customers feel special and take care of them and their needs, you'd eventually convert them into loyal and repeat customers. So, over time, you'll build a group of people who are interested in your products and services. It's about weaving a customer experience born out of genuine love, care, and compassion. In this episode of Building Brand Advocacy, Paul hosts Jeremy Rusco, CEO of Dynamic Disc.

They cover:

  • What Disc Gulf is about
  • The birthing of Dynamic Disc
  • Leveraging Community for Brand Building
  • Dynamic Discs Sports Marketing Strategy
  • How to Foster Community Spirit among your customers
  • Making Sacrifices for Business Growth
  • Outsourcing and Brand Building with the right people.
  • The Next Growth Phase for the Dynamic Disc Brand
  • Adding value to Customers

If you're curious about how to grow your brand and turn your customers into loyal fans and followers, tune in to this episode of Building Brand Advocacy.

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