Community Marketing Essentials

Community marketing has allowed brands like lululemon to grow organically to a £35 billion market cap while building a brand that customers love talking about. 

It is the best marketing method to build a brand in the modern world, and yet very easy to get wrong. This guide gives brand builders the shared language and principles that are required before launching a community marketing initiative.


  • Examples of excellent community marketing
  • Benefits and drawbacks
  • Common tactics used
  • How to measure community
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Community Marketing Starter Template

Community Marketing Starter Template

Community Marketing is one of the most powerful methods for building a brand in a world where customers have more power and influence than ever before. Brands often struggle to establish a clear strategy to start with, leading to the loss of precious time and resources.

This starter template takes brand builders through a step-by-step process that makes building a Community Marketing initiative clear and actionable. It is the ideal place to start for brands that are ready to begin investing in community, or have struggled with it in past attempts.


  • How to define a community
  • A step-by-step process to build stellar communities
  • How Community Marketing is measured
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Brand Advocacy Platform Buyer's Guide

The market for Brand Advocacy platforms is incredibly confusing. There are myriad choices in features, with little to help brands understand what fits their needs best. A platform can include anything from UGC and referrals, to ambassador programs, loyalty, influencers, reviews and so much more. 

This guide is designed to make understanding these platforms easy. It presents the top platforms in the market, what makes them unique and exactly who they are designed for.


  • 7 of the best advocacy platforms on the market
  • How to choose a platform based on your brand needs
  • Important features to watch out for 
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Outdoor Brand Advocacy Guide

Outdoor brands have been the pioneers of brand advocacy, incorporating passionate customers into their brands long before anyone uttered the word influencer. But outdoor customers and advocates have changed drastically since the world has gone digital. 

This guide helps outdoor brands better understand the unique motivations of their passionate customers, and how best to appeal to them to drive organic growth and community in today’s digital world.

  • The nuance of the outdoor advocate
  • A step-by-step process to build stellar ambassador programs
  • The most important element of outdoor brand advocacy
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