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What's It all about?

Hear from best in the business on how to grow through Social Commerce

Social Commerce is the hottest topic for 2024. Speakers, panels and interviews on the following and more:

  • Creators in 2024, and how brands can make best use of them
  • Social Affiliates, best in-class solutions for super charging growth
  • Why visionary brands are prioritising advocacy
  • TikTok Shop: how to make it work
  • What Western brands can learn from Social Commerce in Asia
  • Selling on IG vs TT vs YouTube vs Pinterest. How the major platforms differ and what you should plan for.
  • How to engage, re-energise and monetise your community
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Social Commerce Summit: London 2024

Where: The Soho Hotel
Date: 31st January
Time: 10am - 5pm
Who: Leaders from biggest Fashion and Beauty brands in the UK

Brought to you by Building Brand Advocacy, the global #1 Advocacy Podcast 

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For Brand Leaders looking to supercharge growth in 2024

Social Commerce Summit is for brand building nerds with their finger on the pulse, wanting to stay up to date with the trends that will drive brand growth in 2024 and beyond.

Specifically tailored to mid to large fashion and beauty brands, the summit is powered by the community - please come with ideas, advice and insight to share with peers.

The summit is built on the learnings from Building Brand Advocacy, the world's No. 1 Advocacy podcast and home of interviews with over 50 of the industries best brand builders, a selection of which are below.

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We are now sold out, but you can still join the waitlist!

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