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Turn your most passionate advocates into a predictable, repeatable and scalable channel for customer acquisition.

The Duel Brand Advocacy Platform powers advocacy programs for your social affiliates and brand ambassadors, so you can grow revenue and prove their value to your CFO.


Stop relying on expensive and unpredictable paid marketing channels.

Your customers create better content and send higher-converting traffic than other channels. All at a fraction of the cost. Prove the value of investing in your communities of social affiliates, content creators and micro-influencers with Duel.

Duel integrates with your eCommerce, CRM and social channels. Now you can have a single view of every advocate that’s driving ROI for your brand and their impact on your Social Commerce.


Learn how Charlotte Tilbury generated a 10x ROI and 1000s of pieces of UGC in 12 months:

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Build long-term relationships over short-term transactions.

Ensure your growth through Social Commerce is built to last, by engaging authentically with social affiliates and content creators in your customer base. Create a gamified experience - tailored to your needs - with interactive tasks and on-brand incentives that create meaningful relationships.

Duel programs allow your brand to create any task, in order for your advocates to earn any reward. They can be one-offs, or always on - giving you the ability to create a brand experience that advocates want to engage in time and time again.


Learn how Mint Velvet generated 1,400+ of user-generated content in 12 months:

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One person - managing 15,000 advocates - on one platform.

Ditch the spreadsheets and scale your program into the 1000s. Duel is an enterprise-ready platform, scalable for the most complex brand needs - from integrations with your CRM and eCommerce platforms, to the tools needed to manage communities across the globe.

Duel’s AI automates all the mundane tasks of working with affiliates, creators and micro-influencers. Work with 1000s more with no additional management overhead.


Learn how Monica Vinader grew their social affiliates program to 15,000 members today:

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"We’ve moved away from an expensive advertising-led strategy to one that uses our own loyal customer base to drive long term, organic growth.

Duel lets us scale in a way we never thought possible."

Gabriela Vinader, Managing Director at Monica Vinader

1000s are already advocating for you. How are you using them to acquire more customers, at scale?


Segment, and tap into, your goldmine of fans

Recruit 1000s of advocates from your CRM, eCommerce and social channels (all connected to Duel’s Brand Advocacy Platform). Segment applicants into two types of programs:

  • Social Affiliates programs: focused on revenue, conversion and bottom-of-funnel metrics
  • Ambassadors programs: focused on awareness, content and top-of-funnel metrics

These applications allow you to determine if they have the right type and size of audience, allowing you to reject those that don’t.

For those successful, they’re onboarded into your program and educated on your program’s goals.

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Incentivize authentic promotion and content creation at scale

Each program is designed to engage with, and incentivize, those members by setting tasks, missions and briefs. These are completed to earn points that unlock rewards.

  • Share referral and affiliate codes
  • Promote your brand on social
  • Create user-generated content (UGC)
  • Complete reviews, testimonials and other valuable advocacy tasks

The customizable portal enables you to distribute tasks and incentives to program members in order to increase activity that benefits your brand.

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Leverage AI to automate tasks, rewards and advocate management

Growing these communities into a channel that acquires customers at scale requires automating out mundane tasks and complicated attribution:

  • Report on measurable revenue and reach
  • Automate gifting, perks and rewards
  • Seamless content management rights
  • Advocate communication at scale

Duel's dashboard consolidates all these tools and more into one platform, so you can manage 1000s of members - saving time and money in the process.

Duel Dashboard Design

Want to transform your customers into your biggest acquisition channel?

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