The greatest brands of today grow through their communities of passionate advocates

Doing that manually, at scale, is a challenge.

Every single one of your customers is a creator, influencer and community builder - all having the power to accelerate your organic growth.

Duel’s award-winning Brand Advocacy Platform allows you to manage each one of them through different advocacy programs.

Increase awareness, acquisition and loyalty like never before.

  • Gartner Retail Award

    Winner: Retail Merchandising & Marketing Award

  • Viva Tech Challenge Award

    Winner: Viva Tech Challenge Award (Online Customers)

  • Retail Recharged Award

    Winner: Retail Recharged Award (Brand Engagement)

Manage all your advocates on one platform
to scale and accelerate organic growth

  • Brand Ambassadors (Creators)

    Creator & Micro-Influencer

    Brand Ambassadors

  • Brand Ambassadors (Employees)
    Brand Ambassadors
  • Brand Ambassadors (Experts & Pros)

    Industry Expert & Pro

    Brand Ambassadors

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    Loyal & VIP
The MV Insiders Program

Monica Vinader’s Brand Ambassador Community

Accelerating their brand awareness through 8,500+ advocates, micro-influencers and creators. Reached 111m+ people via their primary social media channels to date. Powered by Duel.

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The Magic Makeup Stars Program

Charlotte Tilbury’s Industry Expert & Pro Community

Managing a global community of make-up artists and industry advocates, promoting their brand message authentically. Powered by Duel.

The Mountain Culture Program

KÜHL’s Customer Loyalty Community

Increasing retention and engaging with their most loyal advocates, driving $2m+ revenue/month in product sales. Powered by Duel.

Discover how Duel's Brand Advocacy Platform can power your community today

"We’ve moved away from an expensive advertising-led strategy to one that uses our own loyal customer base to drive long term, organic growth.

Duel lets us scale in a way we never thought possible."

Gabriela Vinader, Managing Director at Monica Vinader

Power brand love at scale with Duel.

Turn customers into fans,

and fans into advocates.

Tap into your entire network of influence

Work with all the different types of brand advocates you have, whatever community they sit in.

Duel’s Brand Advocacy Platform is the only one that manages:

  • Brand Ambassadors
  • Industry Experts & Professionals
  • Employee Advocates
  • Loyal Customers

Duel allows you to have a single view of every one of these valuable advocates, unlocking scale previously not possible.

Build any program you can imagine to drive brand love

Engage with your community directly via your branded, interactive portal.

Use it to create a bespoke program with limitless possibilities, whether that is:

  • Tasks and challenges that match your values
  • Rewards and perks that suit your brand
  • Community engagement that is authentic

Control how you drive awareness, acquisition and loyalty while creating a unique experience for your audience.


Measure and attribute your growth to brand advocacy

Prove the impact that advocates have on your reach and revenue.

Collect valuable data on what turns your customers into fans, and fans into advocates - all through Duel’s software:

  • Active members in your program
  • Tasks completed successfully
  • Revenue through different channels
  • Social reach and engagement

Learn how Duel's Brand Advocacy Platform helps eCommerce brands accelerate organic growth

  • Monica Vinader
  • Charlotte Tilbury
  • Rab
  • Kuhl
  • Charles & Keith
  • Bleach London
  • Mint Velvet
  • Tropicfeel
  • Planks
  • Mud Jeans
  • Deeper
  • Start-Rite
  • Dynamic Discs
  • Max Muscle Nutrition
  • Beauty Pie
  • Spectrum Collections
  • Kit & Kin
  • The Bunch
  • Mint Velvet
  • MZ Skin
  • Neom Logo
  • Rifo
  • Blueprint
  • Serge Denimes
  • Miller Harris
  • Mother of Pearl
  • Stripe & Stare
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