Shoppers Ahoy!

Have you started planning for Black Friday yet?


Salmon predicts that this year's online purchases in November will be nearly £ 20 billion with £ 7 billion spend over the week during Black Friday.


If you’re a retailer then this means you want to create strong promotional campaigns before November. Product campaigns featuring other customers are more likely to inform a shopper’s buying decision in what will be a madly competitive online buying spree. Distinguishing your offers over other retailers is the name of the game. However, with the low margins on sale items, creating new marketing assets and calls to action is an expensive challenge.


This is how Duel can help

  • Hit the panic button! It’s the countdown to Black Friday and the busiest shopping season of the year in the lead up to Christmas. By integrating Duel early enough you’ll have enough time to collect and access lots of user-generated content ready to persuade shoppers to make new purchases.


  • Why? Because people trust people like themselves. With the time pressure everyone is under on Black Friday, and in the lead up to frantic Christmas shopping, consumers trust what is already tried and tested - especially if referred to by their personal network.


  • Arm shoppers to make better decisions quickly. Use Shoppable customer content to really arm shoppers with as much information on product pages as possible to help convert product pages and nudge online sales. By helping customers make better purchase decisions, retailers reduce the burden of returns.


  • Please don’t go! Last year the global cart abandonment rate for Black Friday was 68.8%. Yet the retailers who were savvy enough to send cart abandonment emails saw conversion rates of 17.6% from those emails -  meaning shoppers want to be reminded they ALMOST bought something. Inserting social proof images and testimonials into those emails will lift those conversion rates by up to 3% more.


Last year, Black Friday broke all sales records - there were 180 million online visits to UK retail sites! To compete with the likes of, online retailers will need to be agile and clever with their eCommerce tools to make sure they make the most out of this peak season that runs into Christmas, and in fact, right up to the Boxing Day sales.


Don’t miss out!! Start gathering your marketing assets every time your customers make a purchase. Get in touch to find out more.  Or click here for more ideas on how to drive product page conversions.

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