We won: How to get more customers to buy online

We recently responded to the annual Viva Technology Challenges which match the challenges faced by Enterprises,  with innovative tech start-ups who have solutions to offer them. The challenge brief from US wireless giant Verizon, in particular, caught our attention.

And we are pleased we entered, because in Paris on June 18th, we won first place after pitching Duel against seven other great start-up finalists.

In a nutshell, the brief from Verizon asked: "How do we get more customers to buy online?". 

The winning V! How to get more customers to buy online.

Not unique to Verizon, this is a common challenge faced by eCommerce sites and online retailers. And for a number of reasons:

1. Distracted shoppers:  Driving them to a website is one thing, but keeping customers focused on product pages and guiding them to make a final purchase is tricky. The fewer steps to payment and final purchase, the better.

2. Too much choice online:  How do you inspire and excite shoppers? Creating an engaging site with regular, fresh and compelling content can be time-consuming and expensive.

3.  Brand - Customer disconnect:  You have a great product or brand and customers do buy from you. How do you engage and build a community of advocates that will inspire and cultivate brand trust and loyalty?

4. Not enough relevant information to nudge the right sale:  Attention spans are short, and shoppers want to know all about the product quickly before they decide to buy.  Or, faced with an indecisive uninformed purchase, the chances of the product being returned at cost to the retailer is very high.  

And what was our winning response to the Verizon brief? Triggering that post-purchase moment to receive content from customers that informs and impacts other purchase decisions.

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Duel Co-Founder, Paul Archer, accepting the big win from Verizon.

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