What did Charlotte Tilbury need?

The brand identified the need to diversify its customer acquisition channels. As the beauty and cosmetics industry becomes more and more competitive, they needed to consider new ways to reach their target audiences. They set out to create the Magic Beauty Stars program.

That's where Duel stepped in. 

The program, built on the Duel platform, incentivizes Charlotte Tilbury's most passionate fans to cut through the noise, amplify brand awareness and create content that drives direct customer purchase through their own social networks.

Can a program reduce customer acquisition costs?

Charlotte Tilbury’s Magic Beauty Stars program is proof that it can, and increase revenue too.

Leveraging thousands of micro-influencers with small, yet very engaged audiences with a little help from Duel to build and automate the program, meant that Charlotte Tilbury could build long-term relationships with its most valued and vocal customers. It's these fans that will continue to convert more customers for the brand. 

Micro-influencers are influencers too, right?

Everyone has influence. It can be a friend recommending a book, a hair stylist recommending a hair care brand or a celebrity endorsing fitness wear.

Charlotte Tilbury’s micro-influencers were already advocating for the brand without an incentive.

The program simply equips the brand with a way to channel this advocacy into a lucrative revenue stream, but just as importantly enables them to reward their most vocal customers and provide them with an even better experience. 

Building and scaling a community of amazing social creators - check. Diversifying customer acquisition channels - check.

How does the program work?

Is this just an affiliate program?

Social creators on the Magic Beauty Stars program are assigned a unique code and affiliate link they can share on their social channels, alongside a personalized ambassador storefront to host content and promote their favorite products, directing traffic back to the Charlotte Tilbury website. 

Members of course receive exclusive offers, content, products, and VIP access to events.

What sets Charlotte Tilbury’s program apart from other standard affiliate or referral programs, is that the brand also incentivizes members to complete certain tasks in order to access even more rewards, and unlock new program tiers.

Also, no other platforms are required to get the job done - Duel can do it all.  

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What tasks are included?

The brand can customize the tasks and shape the program in the way it wants.

Whether that’s asking its members to sign up to a newsletter all the way down to testing out new products or submitting UGC content for a new campaign.

Program members are the go-to for consumer research about skin care and how they incorporate Charlotte Tilbury products into their daily routines.

For Charlotte Tilbury, these customer insights enable them to improve and build more of what their customers want.

Is collecting UGC easy?

User-Generated content is at the brand’s fingertips with tasks calling for instagram posts, product reviews and tutorials.

Submissions are collected through the Duel platform. The brand owns all rights to the UGC, available instantly to reuse across other channels

Each member has a clear picture of commissions, the rewards up for grabs, and the challenges they can get involved with.

Ultimately, all these activities allow members to become a part of the Charlotte Tilbury story, rather than outsiders looking in. 

What has the brand achieved?

Not only has Charlotte Tilbury unlocked a new revenue stream, since 2022 the brand has been able to scale the program to thousands of members.

This wouldn’t really have been possible if they continued to manage relationships manually. One single view, and one single platform to manage all their members has allowed them to bring on board even more.

Over the course of 12 months the program has:

  • Generated 10x ROI (including all program costs, such as incentives, commission paid & fees)
  • Generated a 135% increase in program revenue (Aug 2022 - Aug 2023)
  • Generated social reach in the millions
  • Generated thousands of pieces of UGC

How much effort is required?

The work of building a strong community is simplified through the platform. Duel automates over 90% of the manual, time-consuming activities that come with managing thousands of fans.

The platform takes care of:
  • Tracking sales, revenue & social media metrics
  • Creating personalized affiliate links & referral codes  
  • Automating affiliate commission payments
  • Building a UGC bank for websites & social media
  • Automating gifting
  • Building data dashboards 

So what’s the key takeaway?

Charlotte Tilbury has found a way to mobilize individuals that genuinely love their products - arming them with the tools they need to tell the brand story authentically.

And, it isn’t nearly as hard to do as some may think. 

As marketing budgets continue to get tighter, building a community that will stay with you for the long-haul, and convert more customers for you is vital to future-proofing a brand in the cosmetics and beauty industry.

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