"NEOM chose to work with Duel as we wanted to streamline our content, build a sense of community for the fans of our brand and give back to our Ambassadors through creative tasks and ideation.

Teaming up with Duel to bring this vision to life was a no-brainer and we haven’t looked back since."

Georgina Campbell, PR & Communications at NEOM Wellbeing 


What they needed

NEOM Wellbeing's Objective

This 100% natural fragrance and wellbeing brand has a major focus on helping individuals find small moments of wellbeing in their daily lives. They reached out to Duel with the goal of:

Engaging with socially active fans of the brand to gather quality UGC while also increasing overall Brand Awareness.

With an extremely busy market saturated with competitors, NEOM were searching for an effective and sustainable way of inspiring and partnering with people who are passionate about improving their wellbeing in a simple way.

What we built

The NEOM Ambassadors Program

The NEOM Ambassadors program came to life following a thorough consultation process, where Duel dug into NEOM's brand values and what their authentic community should look like.

This is where NEOM's socially active fans share their love for the brand and celebrate finding inner wellbeing through fragrances.

This application-based program was targeted at content creators with a social following of 1.5k+ as a minimum. As their advocacy was more trustworthy than traditional influencers, this would lead to higher engagement.

Visit the NEOM Ambassador's Program

How NEOM's Ambassador program works, powered by Duel

Collect, manage & repurpose 100s of pieces of user-generated content to drive authentic brand awareness

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Able to manage 600+ passionate ambassadors in one place, to scale advocacy without overheads

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Organise a variety of powerful incentives such as referrals and gifting for ambassadors for greater results

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Integrate assets gathered from ambassadors into eCommerce galleries, using UGC to improve conversion Group 36973
What we've achieved

The results

NEOM Wellbeing has created a new, cost-effective channel for growing an authentic community through their Ambassador program.

From Oct 2022 to Sept 2023 they've achieved:

  • 16.7m+ reached on social through effective, advocate-led content creation
  • $104k+ revenue through referrals & affiliates from program members alone
  • 3x ROAS for referral/ affiliate revenue from the program
  • 232k+ engagements through NEOM ambassadors' audiences
  • 967 pieces of UGC


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