What they needed

Tropicfeel's Objective

When Tropicfeel approached Duel to help them power their community, they had two clear objectives in mind:

Increase Brand Awareness and Customer acquisition through their growing community of passionate brand fans.

With an increasingly noisy market moving online, and capitalizing on the rapidly growing social commerce opportunity, Tropicfeel were searching for an effective way of separating itself from competitors through organic growth. 

What we built

The Tropicfeel Nation

The Tropicfeel Nation came to life following a thorough consultation process, where Duel dug into Tropicfeel's brand values and what an authentic community would look like.

The Nation is where Tropicfeel's socially active brand fans' love for the brand comes to life. It has enabled Tropicfeel to transform its referral offering and unlock the power of friend-to-friend referrals within its community. 

This referral-based program is open to any individual that is an existing and authentic fan of the brand, and is passionate about the product. As the referrals they were driving came from a place of true passion - compared to performance marketing channels or traditional influencer campaigns - this led to far greater results.

Visit Tropicfeel Nation

How their Advocate program works, powered by Duel

Create a community for advocates to learn about the brand and complete entertaining challenges

Group 37021

Incentivized authentic engagement through exclusive discounts, gifting products and active participation

Group 36971
A tiered system that gamifies two way brand interaction, creating a truly direct relationship with their audience Group 36960
Challenges are set up to push their members to make a difference in the fight for change, and align with the brand Group 37020
What we've achieved

The Results

Through their advocate program, Tropicfeel far exceeded their goals for 2023 and gained organic exposure, leading to a larger portion of revenue stemming from referrals:

  • 41,537 program members (as of Sep 2023)
  • 3x ROAS from referral/affiliate revenue driven by the by program
  • 2,937 pieces of UGC


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