Paul's Keynote at MCX 2018

Check out Paul Archer, co-founder and CEO of Duel, delivering his fireside during the keynote at Modern CX 2018.  He discusses his background as a professional adventurer, how eCommerce is turning into a race to the bottom and what can you do about it.


Jump to your favourite bit?

(0.35) Paul talks about his legendary bad idea: driving a London black cab around the world (shameless plug).

(3.10) Why building a connection to customers is crucial, how Facebook made that connection unstable.

(3.45) How eCommerce is a race to the bottom, how Amazon is going to win if marketing doesn’t change.

(4.05) The brands who can cut through the noise and how they do it.

(4.47) The heritage of Duel!

(5.15) How you can be truly customer centric, how you can reimagine the customer to power your marketing.

(6.15) How the Duel and Oracle alliance began.

(6.42) Describing the Oracle Accelerator Program.

(7.30) Experiences at the Oracle Accelerator Program.

(9.15) What a B2C CMO should be doing differently.

(11.07) What can Oracle do to better support small companies turn great? (Paul wrote a blog on this on his personal LinkedIn here!).

(13.35) What ideas can a big company take from start-ups (hint: know what you’re raging against).

(17.20) What Shashi Seth, Oracle SVP, is excited about at Oracle (Innovation is changing everything, marketing is coming to the forefront for the first time).

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