UK Brand Advocacy Report 2022: The Top 30 D2C Brands


Brilliant brands invest in their people - and Duel has created the UK Brand Advocacy Report 2022 in honour of those brands.

This annual publication celebrates the very best D2C brands who put their community of passionate advocates at the heart of everything they do - whether that be their customers, ambassadors, employees or industry experts. 

The report champions the initiatives and investments that 30 phenomenal brands are making in 2022, highlighting the communities that generate Brand Advocacy for those recognised in that research.

Who is acknowledged in the UK Brand Advocacy Report 2022?

Any purpose-led brand with an active and engaged community at their core!

The publication this year focuses specifically on:

  • Brands with a significant footprint in the UK
  • Brands that have a Direct-To-Consumer (D2C) channel
  • Brands who appreciate that investing in people is a more authentic and sustainable way to build their brand

This publication isn't just about well-established brands, but also those that are making a mark on their industry in a shorter space of time.

How will the UK Brand Advocacy Report 2022 be shared?

The report will be published in February 2022.

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Can I nominate my brand, or another that I think is worth shouting about?


If there is a brand that you think is deserving of some love then do let us know. Share a couple of details with us via the get in touch form at the bottom of this page and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.

We don't just want this to serve as inspiration for our own community of brand builders but also something for the brands themselves to share with their own.

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