The top fashion and beauty social media trends to try this week

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‘Never Don’t Want Coffee’

  • Coffee + cool clothes = a match everyone loves.
  • Use this spoken audio to showcase an on-the-go outfit while holding coffee, or replace ‘coffee’ with any staple your brand is known for.
  • Currently used on less than 100 videos.

Peggy Gou x Crystal Waters

  • Ian Asher is back with another remix, perfect for making products pop.
  • Pair this feel-good track with swatch comparisons, beauty close-ups, and street-style shots.
  • Currently used on 20.5k videos.

’The Meaning of Your Name’

  • This trend has mostly focused on creators, but it's not too late for brands to tap in.
  • The audio asks you to “introduce yourself as the meaning of your name” – the perfect opportunity to share the actual meaning of your brand’s name, or entertain. Introduce yourself as “the reason your jewelry box is overflowing” or “your next pay-day treat”. 
  • Currently used on 62.9k videos.

Strawberry Make-Up

  • Hailey Beiber’s at it again. Forget glazed donut beauty, it’s all about getting the strawberry look. Match the audio Hailey’s gone for or use your own, it’s all welcome here.
  • Walk your followers through how to get the strawberry make-up look using your products if you’re in skincare or beauty, or show matching looks with your brand’s clothes or jewelry.
  • Currently used on 23.9k videos.

‘Am I Saying You Copied Me?’ Yes.

  • Fashion brands, this one’s for you. Audio from the latest season of The Kardashians sees Kim calling out Kourtney for copycatting her.
  • Use the audio to show a comparison of your original products with newer versions, or to highlight a trend you’ve started – showing your original brand photos followed by quick cuts of customer UGC.
  • Currently used on 19.7k videos.

The Look Deserves A Low-Five

  • If you’ve got couples, friends or collaborative creator groups wearing your products, this trend is your UGC’s time to shine.
  • Have the two or more folks featured in the video low-five to the beat. Each time, their outfits, make-up looks, or accessories will change – showing a range of products, perfectly timed.
  • Currently used on 154.1k videos.

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