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Bon Iver x Rain & Thunder

You have two choices come November 1st. 
If you’re a beauty brand, get ahead of Pinterest’s holiday season hype and encourage your community to add your products to their seasonal Boards. If you’re a fashion brand, bring those moodboard moments to life. Have creators capture everyday moments, dressed head to toe in an outfit from you.
Currently used on 15.4k videos.

Anime Chilling

Nothing relaxes like listening to the background music in anime.
Fashion brands, this one’s for you. Get inventive – showcase an entire collection with physical swipe-aways, unveil new drops cut to the beat, or share energetic OOTDs.
Currently used on 31.5k videos.

‘Me And The Devil’

Halloween might be here, but it’s far from over.

Before the week is through, beauty brands can get busy. Pair this spooky song with a roundup of your community’s best UGC, a last minute tutorial for any late celebrations, or share new ways to make use of your Halloween-themed products for autumn. 
Currently used on 9.4k videos.

‘Make Your Own Kind Of Music’

A bit different, but perfect for founder-led brands.
Jump on this trend, that sees text overlay say “what are you going to do with a degree in X?”. Typically, it’s a discipline the speaker didn’t go into or one that’s unjustly underestimated – like fashion, communications, and beauty. Show clips of the speaker smashing their career and brand building after this, showing their success despite the doubts of others.
Currently used on 93.6k videos.

‘My Love, Mine All Mine’

This romantic track is made for sharing the hacks and products people can’t live without.
Share the secret to getting that perfect eyeliner wing, styling every autumn look, or the everyday make-up routine you can’t live without. Whatever you share, it’s “your love, yours – all yours”, according to the audio.
Currently used on 1.3m videos.

‘Urm, I like, Serve’

A classic Harry Styles audio has made a comeback. It’s not one you’d guess, though.
As Harry’s first interview on the X Factor plays, he’s asked what he does in his bakery job. He shares that he “like, serves”. Remixed with a Kesha hit, the beat drops from there as the person on screen delivers their own serve – a beauty win or an outfit transition, most commonly.
Currently used on 20k videos.

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