The Brand Advocacy Workbook + Walkthrough

Trust in traditional marketing is falling drastically. Less than 4% of people trust influencer marketing, and the increasingly high cost/low return of performance marketing is leaving much to be desired. As a result, more and more marketers are looking for ways to grow their brands organically. 

The desire to build trust amongst customers, reduce paid acquisition costs and amplify a brand's reputation has resulted in the field of Brand Advocacy establishing itself as the marketing staple in the present and future.

Definition of Brand Advocacy: any behaviour that involves a customer supporting or recommending the brand that they love.

Our Brand Strategist - Evva Semenowicz - has created The Brand Advocacy Workbook, designed to help marketers build robust and sustainable Advocacy programs. It's a useful tool for you to use (at no cost, of course).

The workbook provides you with the principles and lessons you need to deliver a successful Advocacy program, and will work for your brand regardless of whether you use the Duel Brand Advocacy Platform or not.

The Brand Advocacy Workbook answers:

  • What is Brand Advocacy?
  • Why invest in Brand Advocacy?
  • How do I get started?
  • What are examples of Brand Advocacy?

Evva also walks you through the workbook in the video below, helping you get the most out of it's contents.



And there you have it.

Launching a successful Brand Advocacy program isn't easy, neither is nurturing a community - but investing in both is a surefire way to ensure the sustainable, organic growth of your brand.

Want to run a workshop like this at your own brand? Download the Brand Advocacy Workbook here.

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