Dominate the Market: How to Activate the Influencers in Your Brand Network

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When you think of branding, what comes to your mind first?

Is it the vibrant logos or memorable slogans?

While these undoubtedly play a crucial role, at its core, branding is about forging an unshakeable trust with your audience; it's about creating a continuing bond that goes beyond a transaction or a brief interaction.

Yet, here's a revelation: many brands, perhaps even yours, may be overlooking a treasure trove of potential ambassadors.

These aren't high-profile influencers or celebrities with multi-million follower counts but people who are already actively engaging with your brand and ready to champion it.

Paul Archer, a leading expert in Brand Advocacy, recently shed light on this often-overlooked aspect and highlighted that the key to exponential brand growth could very well be hiding in plain sight.

Tapping into this pool of engaged followers and transforming them into brand advocates can propel your business to new heights of success and recognition.

As Paul puts it, "I believe that there's a secret source at the core of every remarkable brand, a formula that sparks the growth of passionate communities of fans."

Why Activate Existing Influencers?

The power of word-of-mouth marketing is profound.

When a trusted individual recommends a product or brand, it often fast-tracks our decision-making process, allowing us to confidently make a purchase without long thinking.

Paul captures this feeling briefly, highlighting that the ultimate goal of every brand should be to champion social commerce.

To truly harness this energy, brands must focus on activating the influencers that already exist within their customer base.

As a result, you're not only tapping into established trust but also avoiding the time-consuming "trust-building" phase that most new customers undergo.

Just consider the immense time and resources this could save you.

Which Influencers Do You Choose?

When venturing into the world of influencer marketing, it's tempting to get overwhelmed by the charm of vast reach.

However, the real essence isn't in the numbers but in authenticity. As Paul points out, “an influencer who partners with a bunch of brands can accidentally radiate hypocrisy.”

Such partnerships might amplify a brand's visibility, but they don't necessarily strengthen the trust of loyal customer relationships.

So, how do you navigate this complex selection process?

The answer is closer than you might think. 

Delve deep into your existing customer base. Identify your ardent supporters who resonate with your brand, who have experienced the value of what you offer, and who speak of it with genuine passion. Remember, in the realm of influencer marketing, it's the depth of connection that matters, not the extent.

An authentic advocate, whether they connect with two or 200 people, wields a potent influence.

Their words, embedded in real experiences and genuine belief, carry a credibility that no advertising budget can buy. In the end, it's about championing quality over quantity.

How Do We Find Them?

So, you've understood the "why" and the "who." Now comes the "how."

It's intriguing to note that many influencers poised to champion your brand might already be within your grasp, subtly engaging with you on social media or familiarising themselves with your products and services. However, the chance to collaborate might still be an enigma to them.

Paul metaphorically speaks of casting wide "nets" to corral these hidden brand advocates.

The underpinning principle? Light the deep impact their endorsement could wield, the distinct value they infuse, and the rewards waiting on the horizon for them.

When influencers recognize the bond they can cultivate with your brand, the magic truly begins. 

So, why wait? Start casting those nets!

In the dynamic landscape of today's digital age, brands must harness the dormant energy of their community.

Drawing from the insights of Paul Archer, it becomes clear that the answers to our most pressing challenges often reside right in front of us.

Promoting genuine growth and laying a foundation of deep-rooted trust, all you have to do is acknowledge, value, and empower influencers already nestled within your loyal customer pool.

So, before you venture out in search of your next influencer partnership, pause and reflect a bit. The champion your brand has been searching for could be just a click away.

Learn more from Paul by tuning into the full episode of the Building Brand Advocacy podcast.




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