From Ganni Girls to the Oaf World: How to Transform Buyers into Believers ft. Daisy Morris

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Audience VS Community

A never-ending love-hate story between the two.

Yes, they're different, but could you pick out the specific differences?

You see, in the massive flood of content today, building authentic human connections is key to standing out. 

Generally speaking, an audience is more passive, while a community is a tight-knit group of passionately loyal supporters.

As Daisy Morris, the Founder of The Selfhood, states, these are the folks championing your brand at every turn, from the pub on a Friday night to dinner with their in-laws - they're your cheerleaders, advocates, and die-hard fans.

Let’s see what it’s all about.

Is it a Community or an Audience?

It's all in the details.

An audience usually tunes in, listens, and perhaps engages at the surface level with your brand. 

But a community? They're the heart and soul of your brand. They are the ones that constantly interact, support, and raise your voice. The level of engagement tells you everything.

As Daisy pointed out,

“A community is more engaged than an audience. They're having conversations amongst each other, they're attending in-person events, and they're advocating for you behind the scenes.”

Building such loyalty is certainly challenging, especially for brands, but its rewards are unmatched.

Humanising Your Brand like Djerf Avenue

Names like "Golf Le Fleur" by Tyler, the Creator, and Djerf Avenue by Matilda Djerf shine brightly in the branding sky. And it's not just because of their products, but due to their strong connection with the person behind them.

There is something extremely powerful about personal connections in the digital age.


“People want to interact with brands and be part of communities that have strong values and stand for things and advocate for them.” 

This human touch gives a face and soul to brands, making them relatable and real.

The Success Story of Lazy Oaf

Loyalty is hard to come by. 

However, in a world where companies constantly move with the winds of trends, Lazy Oaf stands tall with its unique brand ethos. Its founder, Gemma Shiel, wanted to carve out a space for the weirdos and the non-conformists. And yes, she succeeded beyond imagination. 

But what truly sets them apart? Authenticity. Not copying what everyone is doing but holding on to their innate values, Lazy Oaf has created a devout following.

It’s a testament to the notion that genuineness always finds its audience.

From Influencing to Authentic Advocacy

Recent data suggests that 90% of consumers lack trust in influencers. Wow...could that really be true? 

It all has to do with the abundance of sponsored content, which made consumers sceptical. 

Daisy notes a significant change when it comes to trust:

“Even influencers are now aware of the fact that the term influencer isn't as appealing as it used to be because there are negative connotations that come with it.” 

However, this isn’t a death knell but an opportunity. Brands need to harness genuine advocacy, nurturing real connections over superficial engagements. The age of authentic advocacy is here, where brands must recognize the power of everyday people and their stories.

Building a Thriving Community

So, how can you build a meaningful and strong community?

With a community of 20,000 people, Daisy Morris has demonstrated that giving back, engaging actively, and staying true to your brand is a foolproof recipe for success. 

Highlighting continuous learning and genuine connections, Daisy has crafted a community that thrives on mutual respect and growth. She firmly believes that

Brands used to dictate trends. But now the everyday consumer does, it's so important that brands leverage just everyday people.”

Nurturing Authentic Connections

It's not just about making connections.  

You really have to put in the effort and nurture them. 

It's about being active listeners and participants in your community's narrative. 

It's about engaging in meaningful conversations, providing value, and using platforms like TikTok and Instagram for genuine interactions, not just promotions.

That is the way to pave the path for lasting relationships.

It's definitely not a walk in the park. 

However, remember this:

“It's harder to grow a community for brands especially. I think it's easier for creators to build a loyal and engaged community because they are humans. Therefore, their content is naturally more humanised.”

The era of passive audiences is fading. Today, brands need believers, advocates, and communities that stand by them. As we move forward, the focus should change from sheer numbers to meaningful engagement. Foster genuine connections, humanise your presence and prioritise authenticity over momentary trends. Only then can you transform buyers into true believers.

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