Introducing Duel's Stellar Brand Consultant Jaclyn Crocker

We are truly excited to introduce our new Lead Brand and Community Consultant: Jaclyn Crocker

Jaclyn is joining the team after spending eight years working as a General Manager, Retail & Community at one of the strongest, fastest growing retail brands on earth, lululemon.  

A Decade at lululemon

After establishing herself as an expert community builder, Jaclyn moved to Australia from Canada five years ago to help lululemon build their stores and community in Melbourne and Sydney. She thrived in this role and found new ways of connecting with local groups and leaders, which helped her scale a store to seven million in turnover using only creativity and a small community budget.

Jaclyn continued to hone her skills at community development by implementing novel grassroots marketing and powerful ambassador programs that helped passionate customers connect with lululemon as a brand.

Armed with first-hand knowledge on how a $31 billion company can be built on exceptional community building alone, she has now brought her talents to Duel in London to help brands build communities the right way.

Leading the Duel Advocacy Consultancy Practice 

Jaclyn helps Duel’s Brand Partners design the perfect Advocacy Programs to drive organic growth, as well as advising on their community and advocacy strategies. 

She is solving the problem of defining what community really is and how it can be nurtured to help companies build their brands. A major part of her work centres around educating teams and clients on how to build authentic communities that ultimately help create engagement and increase revenue. She does this by fusing actionable advice and tips with deeply-rooted foundational concepts that every brand needs to understand in order to be successful. 

With her help, many brands are prepared for a future in which customers hold much more control of a brand’s narrative and are more than willing to advocate on behalf of them. In this world, the brands that will thrive are the ones that can build authentic communities, give without expectation and uphold their values in the long term.

If you would like to learn more about this exciting new marketing discipline, Jaclyn is hosting a series of masterclasses titled “Build your Brand Community to Supercharge Organic Growth” in London. Click here to find out more.

If you would like to get in touch with Jaclyn, you can email her at 

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