The Reinvention of TOMS: Unleashing Impact As a Purpose-Driven Brand

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What do you get when you blend entrepreneurship, innovation, and a dash of magic? The answer is TOMS. This remarkable brand has derived a unique formula for success, combining the essence of generosity with the appeal of comfortable shoes while infusing it all with glamor.

Join us in this episode of Building Brand Advocacy, where Paul speaks with Amy Smith, Chief Strategy and Impact Officer at TOMS, a for-profit Retail Apparel and Fashion company focused on improving lives. 

They sat down to have an interesting conversation surrounding TOMS' incredible journey. They ponder the transformation of TOMS from a humble one-to-one model to a worldwide brand deeply dedicated to advancing accessible mental health care. Here, they cover critical topics like tracking revenues to understand their actual impact and the more profound nature of being a B Corp. Amy, through her vast experience, gives invaluable insights and lessons on how you can build a significant business and how to bring purpose to your brand.

Amy's wisdom is relevant and inspiring whether you're just starting in the business world or have a decade or more of experience. 

Building Impactful Connections

"In our ever-evolving journey of social responsibility, a remarkable realization dawned upon us,"

shares Amy Smith, TOMS' Chief Strategist. This pivotal moment ignited the engine of their iconic brand, known for its one-of-a-kind shoe. They embarked on a journey of transition from individual donations to dedicating one-third of their profits to mental health initiatives. It goes beyond being a mere strategy aimed at achieving a goal; it's about forming authentic bonds with people who share their passions and values, fostering relationships that carry profound significance.

Amy elaborates that, "On our own, our impact may be limited, but when we come together, we can start little changes that would later swell into powerful waves of impact." Collaboration is the major component in their ability to make a more significant difference in society. 

Across the landscape of purpose-driven brands and organizations, a harmonious chorus resonates. The trend of forming partnerships with shared values and goals is on the ascent. The wisdom is clear: social impact is a collective endeavor, not the burden of a solitary brand.

As TOMS continues evolving, "Building Impactful Connections" remains their North Star. This reflects their deep commitment to partnering with others to make a real difference in areas that matter greatly: mental health, equal opportunities, and striving for a safer, violence-free America.

The Three Pillars of Impact

At TOMS, they firmly believe integrating social responsibility into business is fundamental. This commitment is evident through their dedication to three interconnected pillars of impact. These pillars aren't isolated objectives but integral components of their overarching strategy to improve the world. 

Amy observes, "While these pillars may seem distinct, they are beautifully woven together. The foundation of good mental health paves the way for increased access to opportunities and a decrease in violence. TOMS aims to set off positive ripples across these interconnected realms."

1. Mental Health 


The mental health of employees is as important as their physical health, this message is strongly rooted in TOMS doctrines. The world is more stressful presently and as a result, TOMS agrees that it's more important than ever to address mental health challenges.

To tackle this, TOMS is fervently working to make it easier for people to get the help they need and they are also promoting the importance of mental health. 

2. Access to opportunity


Getting a proper start in your career or life is important and that's what this pillar points out. People should be empowered to escape poverty, access education, secure clean water, and find economic opportunities. This is reflected by TOMS’ ongoing campaigns to identify impactful ways to change lives which often involves providing communities with the essential resources and opportunities they require to thrive.

3. Ending Gun Violence

TOMS is devoted to tackling challenging social issues in the United States, even when complex and divisive. They genuinely believe in creating safer communities by working together with integrity. Their work proves that change is possible, even in challenging and controversial problems. 

These three impact pillars essentially represent TOMS' overall approach to social responsibility. They show that real success comes not from individual efforts but from addressing the underlying causes of social difficulties, leading to lasting and beneficial change and recognizing the many connections between different fields. 

You Can Be Part of the Change

You want to know what is truly remarkable about TOMS' mission? It's the knowledge that you can be integral too, and that's because every purchase you make at TOMS is a stride toward a better world. 

So, as you lace up those TOMS shoes or slide on those stylish shades, remember, you're not just making a fashion statement; you're making a statement about the kind of world you envision. You're joining a movement reshaping the notion of responsible consumption.

So, the next time you catch sight of that iconic TOMS logo, remember it's not merely a brand symbol. 

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