The Customer Advocacy Marketing Workshop


Duel’s customers have time after time requested support on building their advocacy strategy. How can they establish processes to ensure as many of their customers as possible can be converted into super advocates for their brand? And how can they then use this advocacy?

Well, we know Duel helps, but there’s a lot more than can be done before you need an automation platform like Duel. In order to help our customers further, we poached the smartest advocate expert we knew from Cambridge (University, not Analytica… or so he tells us!) and created a simple, quick workshop on Customer Advocacy Marketing. It’s focussed on explaining consumer psychological research to help any online B2C business instantly.


The Offering

A workshop on Customer Advocacy Marketing delivered via:

  • In-house session with multiple brands held at our central London office
  • Personalised session custom to your company
  • An international webinar


What is Customer Advocacy Marketing?

The discipline of turning passionate customers into advocates and empowering them to tell your brand’s story. Making your customers become your decentralised sales and marketing army.

This powerful as the best marketing not be what you say to customers, but how you influence what they say to each other.


Why should I care?


Why now?

It is getting harder to sell online. Data was the last successful method of cutting through the noise, but with the trust crisis, ad blockers and GDPR - customers are reacting against the invasion of privacy that data brought with it. What's the best option? A returned focus on the customer - both through advocating for them and improving their customer experience.


Who delivers it?

  1. Customer Behaviour Psychologist: David Bradbury who will be building upon his research at Cambridge University’s Body, Mind and Behaviour Laboratory.
  2. Duel Co-founder: Paul Archer who has a great deal of experience of consulting with multiple, large brands on their Advocacy Strategy whilst developing the Duel technology.


Who is it for?

  • Senior leaders at B2C brands and retailers who sell goods and services online.
  • Ideal for eCommerce, omni-channel retailers, as well as travel.


What Attendees will learn?

  • What makes a compelling story that can spread through a network
  • The underlying psychology of brand loyalty and advocacy behaviour
  • How to interact with an advocate to gain useful content, shares and referrals while increasing loyalty
  • The psychological research behind creating rewards that supercharge loyalty & advocacy
  • Best practice examples on how to utilise customer advocacy effectively in eCommerce
  • The tools and metrics you need to implement to track advocacy
  • Plus, this isn’t just learning, it’s doing. Interactive whiteboard based activities lead the team towards completing their own advocacy canvas
  • Free cold beer (always!).


OK, I’m in. How do I sign up?

Our next events in London are on the 6th of December, 31st of January21st of February and 15th of March. Click on the links to check them out!

If you'd like some more information or to organise a workshop specifically for your company, fill in this registration form or contact us directly.

P.S. More than one individual per company is encouraged to attend, as it will involve hands on exercises for your specific organisation.

We look forward to hearing from you!



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